30 Best Photo Booth Templates To Upgrade Your Booth Designs

nye party photo booth designs

We’ve talked about photo booths on the FilterGrade blog one before, in our article on how photographers can earn more money. Since that article went live, photo booth businesses have continued to increase in popularity (worldwide pandemic aside).

Now, we’re not saying we’re responsible for that continued climb, but we do enjoy helping our fellow shutterbugs when it comes to creative money-making ideas, and this post is now different..

In today’s post, we’re highlighting some of the best templates available online for photo booth owners. These templates from TemplatesBooth cover a range of themes and styles, making them the perfect addition to any photo boothing toolkit.

Better still, it doesn’t matter which photo booth software you use. Whether it’s DSLR Booth, Darkroom Booth, Social Booth or others, you can make these templates work for you as each template comes in Photoshop PSD format. View more Photoshop templates here.

This means you edit the designs in Adobe Photoshop and then export as PNGs into your chosen photo booth software. So, are you ready to get to the list?

Best Photo Booth Design Templates

1. Brushed Chic Photo Booth Template

brushed chic photobooth templates

From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and bridal showers, this template is an elegant choice. Easily add colors to match the wedding theme, along with names of the newly wedding couple.

2. Fashionista Photo Booth Template

fashionista photobooth template

The perfectly balanced design in this template blends elegant shapes and patterns together with a soft Champagne colour scheme.

3. Rustic Wedding Photo Booth Template

rustic wedding photobooth template

This template is ideal for weddings and clients who prefer a more traditional design style while still wanting something current, and, of course, impressive.

4. Abstract Pastel Photo Booth Template

pastel wedding photobooth template

Fluid shapes meet hand-drawn lines in this modern and trendy photo booth template for weddings & birthday events.

5. Navy & Pink Photo Booth Templatenavy pink wedding photo booth template


Modern and contemporary, clean and minimal. This design will be a timeless addition to your toolkit that many of your clients will be using over and over again.

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6. Turquoise Glamour Photo Booth Template

turquoise glamour photo booth template psd

This multipurpose photo booth template balances glamour with practicality. The design is based on vintage Art Deco tiles, creating a luxurious feel without overwhelming the page.

7. Art Deco Party Photo Booth Template

art deco photobooth

The intricately delicate Art Deco details with lavish black & gold colours come together for a glamorous, chic & luxurious design. It’s perfect for parties, weddings, nightclubs, cocktail bars & more.

8. After Party Photo Booth Template

after party photobooth templates

The white and gold theme ties this design in well with any sort of glamorous inner city event. It will come in handy all-year-round, covering birthdays, graduations, weddings, and other fun-filled parties.

9. Pink Gold Photo Booth Template

pink gold wedding photobooth templates

A gorgeous template themed for classy weddings, birthdays & bridal parties. The soft pastel colours and Art Deco-inspired background pattern combine for an elegant, yet stylish design.

10. Free Modern Wedding Photo Booth Template

free modern wedding photo booth designs psd

Blending minimalism with a traditional style creates a finished design that is trendy, fashionable, and modern. This will suit the most discerning of young couples.

11. Woven Blue Photo Booth Template

woven blue photo booth template

The singular colour scheme and hand-drawn background pattern make this design a highly-flexible choice for a range of events.

12. Light Green Photo Booth Template

photoshop template for photobooth light green chill

A simple background pattern with an elegant border surrounding the title text. It’s light, elegant, and somewhat understated, whilst also being pretty darn impressive, wouldn’t you say?

13. Blue Pattern Wedding Photo Booth Template

wedding photo booth templates for photoshop

Although created with weddings in mind, the design is also a suitable choice for anniversaries, bridal showers & birthdays. It is easy to customise the design to match your client’s brand or decoration colour scheme.

14. Floral Wedding Photo Booth Template

floral wedding

Hand-drawn floral illustrations provide an elegant contrast against the modernist background shapes. Furthermore, all elements can be customised – giving you the opportunity to change colours, layout, and more.

15. Rose Gold Photo Booth Template

rose gold photobooth template

Stylish geometric patterns and classy marble texturing make for an elegant yet modern design. This photo booth is perfect for clients looking to balance traditional influence with a contemporary style.

16. Birthday Pastel Photo Booth Template

birthday pastel photobooth template

The soft pastel colours and cute doodles on this photo booth template make it ideal for young children’s birthday parties, Christenings and school events.

17. Together Forever Photo Booth Template

together forever photobooth designs

Sometimes your clients want to keep it simple. Perfect for those wanting a minimalist look with their photo prints.

18. Country & Western Photo Booth Template

country photo booth template

Its rustic wooden background, green cacti, and slab serif typeface make this design an ideal fit for any saloon in the west. Whether the event is for a client’s birthday, rodeo or country music festival, this template is built to be an all-around crowd-pleaser.

19. Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth Template

bar mitzvah template for photo booth

The Jewish theme in this Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth Template is made clear with a subtle Star of David background pattern. Similarly, the boyish blue colours connect further to the bar mitzvah theme, whilst cartoon bunting adds to the celebratory mood.

20. Merry Christmas Photo Booth Template

merry christmas photo booth template

This template perfectly balances form & function, providing a plethora of Christmas & winter elements without overwhelming the purpose of this design – which, of course, is to showcase your client’s photos.

21. Festive Christmas Photo Booth Template

festive christmas photo booth template

The title is backed by a big Christmas wreath, and there are subtle piles of snow covering the edges of photos. This festive template is full of design elements that work harmoniously.

22. New Year’s Eve Party Photo Booth Template

nye party photo booth designs

The design features a black studded leather pattern in the background, with golden party balloons entwined throughout. This lends perfectly to the “party” nature of the design, but this is a template that you can use all year long.

23. New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Template

new year's eve party template for photo booth

Confetti overlays add explosive energy to this design, while 3D studded leather patterns create an oversized background. The black and gold colour scheme and you’ve got an energetic design ideal for New Year’s Eve parties & nightclub events.

24. Winter Photo Booth Template

winter festival photobooth templates

From Christmas parties to winter wonderland events, you’ll find endless uses for a design like this throughout the festive season.

25. Valentine’s Day Photo Booth Template

valentine's day photo booth

Packed with pink colours & artistic love hearts, the Valentine’s Day theme in this template is clear.

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26. St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Template

st. patrick's day photo booth templates

This St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Template features an unmistakable theme. Deep green colours, clovers, and party balloons that sport the Irish flag colours.

27. Free Halloween Photo Booth Template

free halloween photo booth design template psd

This simple Halloween template is themed with a black to purple gradient, complete with 3 Halloween pumpkins. Trick or Treat? Treat – because this one is for free!

28. Mardi Gras Photo Booth Template

mardi gras photobooth

The vibrant colour scheme & energetic design style go perfectly with Mardi Gras festivities, from New Orleans to Belgium.

29. Easter Photo Booth Template

easter photobooth templates for photoshop

Illustrations of eggs, chicks & flowers immediately connect to the Easter theme, whilst playful cartoon styling adds a fun & energetic feel. It’s perfect for kids!

30. Chinese Wedding Photo Booth Template

chinese wedding photobooth templates

With its red & gold colours, traditional Asian patterns, and lantern illustrations, this photo booth template is an ideal choice for Chinese weddings, Chinese New Year, and other Asian events.

Looking for more? Visit TemplateBooth for more awesome templates for various themes that you must definitely add to your repertoire. This is a step to being the go-to being the one-stop-photo booth shop your clients will be looking to return to for every event!

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