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mark harless bleeblu interview

Mark Harless, better known as Bleeblu, is a conceptual photographer based out of Alabama with a passion for portraiture. Shooting with a variety of models in locations all over the world Bleeblu is truly a unique portrait artist. Continue reading to learn more about him.

What is your favorite style of photography?

A: I prefer images with people in them. It doesn’t have to be a close up or of a model either. I find people more interesting than vast landscapes.


What made you take the first step to become a photographer?

A: I actually got into photography due to a breakup. We dated for almost five years and I felt miserable for many weeks afterwards. I needed something to occupy my mind.


What helped you learn photo editing the best and do you have any advice for new photographers struggling with that aspect of photography?

A: Google is your best friend. Anything I got stuck on or wanted to learn I would usually be able to find on Google or YouTube.


Describe your editing style/technique.

A: I prefer my images to be low contrast and desaturated. I always thought that was how I edited but just a few weeks ago I learned it’s this way because of my lenses.

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Where are some of your favorite locations to shoot?

A: Water. Anything with water.


Who are some of your favorite photographers to follow on Twitter? (whether it’s for their humor or wisdom)

 A: Probably Zach Allia but he’s not funny at all.


Who are your top three artists right now? (music)

A: The Weeknd, Autre Ne Veut, and Anderson Paak.

Where do you want to be with photography in one year?

A: I think the goal for me is to not know where I’ll be with it in a year but hopefully traveling everywhere.


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Don’t forget to check out Bleeblu’s Moody Lightroom Presets! Watch the video demo here.

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