The Camille Co Interview

An interview with fashion designer and blogger Camille Co.

Fashion designer and global travel blogger, Camille Co, has a distinct, yet different style that sets her apart from the crowd. Combining bright colors with light tones she brings her outfits together with her unique designs and accessories. To find out more on how Camille got started and who she is inspired by, continue reading below.

When did you start designing clothes?

A – I started during my senior year in college, so that’s around 2009.
(Camille Co bikini designed for Kini Swimwear)

Who are some of the people that inspire your designs and style?

A – Some of the designers I look up to are Nicolas Ghesquiere, Alexander McQueen, Riccardo Tisci, and the Marchesa Duo. Although I wouldn’t say my designs are in any way similar to theirs, of course I have to consider my clients and market as well. As for my style, I view Diane Kruger, Carin Roitfeld, and Margaret Zhang as style icons. Aside from them, I also get plenty of inspiration from street style fashion and my travels.

Describe your style.

A – I’d like to say my style is versatile. I don’t like getting boxed in to a certain label or stereotype so I try a bunch of things. I’m more adventurous in a sense, but always with a more put-together approach.

How do you style your photo shoots?

A – When I’m abroad and I have a lot of time to plan, I usually check out the places first and match my outfits with them. But nowadays when I’m always on the go, I just try to find the best spot and make it work. Besides, a good filter can do wonders.

What are a few tips on taking photos for fashion and clothing?

A – Just be aware of the composition so it’s visually appealing in all aspects. Know your angles well and choose what about your outfit you want to highlight and go from there.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

A – Europe is always the dreamiest place to take photos of so in terms of Instagram-able places, it’s definitely high on my list.

Where are you traveling next?

A – I’m traveling to one of our beaches next, which I really need because it’s been so long since I last went to a beach. People should see how beautiful our beaches are. We’re a lucky bunch.

When you travel to these exotic locations, tell us what the experience is like.

A – The more exotic the place, the more I research on the place’s culture and customs. It’s always important to know these things so I don’t offend anyone just to get the perfect OOTD or Instagram shot. I like immersing myself in their culture as well so doing something that locals do is always an exciting thing for me. It’s really all about learning and experiencing beautiful things I won’t normally get access to elsewhere.

Where do you hope to travel one day?

A – The list is long! Morocco, Croatia, Myanmar, Fiji…


What is the most inspiring and creative piece of advice anyone has ever given to you?

A – It wasn’t given to me per se but I read it somewhere. It’s a quote by Anna Wintour:
“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

What is some advice you could give to help someone create something new today?

A – Don’t be afraid to be original. Don’t be afraid to show the world your vision. Create from your heart and let instinct guide you.


To read more on Camille and her travels, follow her on Instagram @itscamilleco and stay updated with her on her website!

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