Canon Ends Film Camera Sales with EOS-1v

Canon EOS-1v film camera model

Image: Wikipedia

The end of over 80 years of film cameras. This week Canon announced that they would stop selling the EOS-1v film camera, their last film camera available to consumers.

The EOS-1v was the fastest moving-mirror film camera ever put into production at the time it was introduced, at 10 frames/second. Released in 2000, the EOS body design formed the basis for Canon’s EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds families of DSLRs.

Canon stopped production for the EOS-1v in 2010 and has been shipping the remaining units since then. Their recent announcement comes as a formal close for the camera and puts a timeline on how long customers will have to rely on Canon for repair and support.

Canon EOS-1v Repair Period

In regards to repairs and maintenance, Canon shared:

‘We will also take repair measures until October 31, 2025, even after the repair correspondence period of our company’s repair service contract for the purpose of improving service and support for customers who use this product.’

Canon also stated in another note:

‘After the repair correspondence period of our company repair service contract (October 31, 2020), we may refuse the repair due to parts inventory situation.’

Film Cameras Still in Production

This isn’t the end for film. Many film cameras are still available brand new as are various film types. Below you can find some of the most popular film cameras that are still in production.

vintage film cameras

Image: Jeff Sheldon/Ugmonk

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