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3 Ways to Collaborate with other Instagrammers

Collaborate with Other Instagrammers - FilterGrade

It’s quite possibly the greatest social media application ever created – Instagram. The photo sharing, friend-liking, people-creeping, video-watching, and feed-scrolling application has brought hundreds of millions of people together for a common purpose – to view what others have to offer while displaying their own content. Whether you are very active or only check your

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Why Your B2B Site Needs a Mega Menu

why your B2B site needs a mega menu

If you’ve ever been on Amazon or, then you’ve likely navigated a mega menu — a selection of various categories and subcategories all organized into one easy-to-navigate menu. Mega menus are fairly common for e-commerce sites, but not seen as frequently on business to business (B2B) sites. However, B2B sites benefit from mega menus

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