Capture One

Photo editing tutorials and resources for Capture One Pro by Phase One. Learn how to edit your photos, install and use styles, and work more efficiently within the program.

Capture One Pro is a commercial photo editing program used for editorial shoots, advertising, food photography, and more. In this category we’ll be covering topics on how to use the specific editing tools in Capture One and how to save time in the process.

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How to Create Dreamy Retro Colors in Capture One Pro

Learn how to create dreamy retro colors in Capture One Pro with this step by step tutorial from FilterGrade.

Exciting news, we’ve recently launched Capture One Styles on FilterGrade! Similar to filters in other photo editing programs, these help you add amazing effects to your photography work in seconds. They are incredibly versatile and can be used on all kinds of photography projects ranging from high end commercial/advertising work to portraits and lifestyle work. When creating

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How to Install Capture One Styles

Learn how to install Capture One Styles in this step by step tutorial.

Capture One is a powerful and professional photo editing software made by Phase One. It has a lot of features that make it easy to edit photos fast and with incredible quality. In this tutorial we’ll be walking you through installing Capture One Styles. This is a relatively easy process. It involves importing the styles and then

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