Chicago on Super 8 Film (April, 2021)

CHicago on Super 8 Film - FilterGrade

In November, 2017 (roughly), I shot my first two rolls of super 8 film. Before I ever saw what the footage looked like, I fell in love with the feel of shooting super 8 – this was the first time I knew shooting with different cameras will make you feel different, and in turn it will help you to create a project that is, well different than something you would normally create.

It’s been four years now and I still love the feel just as much – and now that I’ve seen what the footage will look like, I know what to look for when I’m shooting. This short film from a recent trip to Chicago embodies that same spirit of creating something different and through passion and love… because why should I not?

Chicago, April 2021 (short film)

In April, we took a quick trip to visit our family out in Chicago and I decided beforehand that I wanted to make a short film from the trip. I wanted to primarily use the BMPCC6K and my Canon 514XL super 8 camera. Originally, I created an edit with mostly BMPCC footage, but when I got the super 8 film back from the lab, I knew I needed to change the edit and use more of the super 8 footage.

No matter how I shoot on a digital camera, it will never turn out looking as nostalgic as super 8 will. That was the perfect look I was going for to capture this ‘love’ on footage.

On top of the BMPCC and Canon 514XL, I also used a few scenes from my Sony hi8 camcorder as well. Combining all three of these different types of footage really helped me to send a message that I believe paired well with this message of love in the film.

The subjects in the film are all family members, which played a large part in the selection of the song ‘Yo Love’ by Vince Staples ft. 6lack & Mereba. I wanted to encapsulate my thoughts, ideas, and feelings for my family and put it into video.

Director/Cinematographer: Matt Moloney

Film processed at Cinelab.

I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to share and leave a comment if you did! Also, be sure to reach out to me directly on Instagram @matt_moloney if you ever want to talk super 8 or have any questions!

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