21 Cool Landscape Presets for Outdoor Photographers

21 Cool Landscape Presets for Outdoor Photographers

Lightroom Presets are a fantastic tool to turn an ordinary photo into a stunning masterpiece. They are easy to use and can have a large impact on your work. Lets check out the best landscape presets for outdoor photographers. Great for editing other natural scenes and environmental photos too. Cover photo by Claudio Testa.

Best Presets and Bundles for Landscape Photography

Matt Larson Lightroom Presets

Credit to Matt Larson

This preset pack by Matt Larson features 10 travel Lightroom presets that are full of vibrant colors and soft shadows. It features tropical sunsets that are insanely beautiful.

30 Travel & Adventure Lightroom Presets by @dshukin

Credit to @dshukin

If you are looking to add natural and clean colors to your landscape photography be sure to check out this bundle by @dshukin.

Jackson Groves Lightroom Presets

Credit to Jackson Grove

Jackson Groves, a travel photographer, put together this incredible adventure and lifestyle preset for landscape photographers. In this bundle you will receive 14 Lightroom presets that are perfect for beach lovers and outdoor adventurers.

Mark Harrison CLASSIC Lightroom Desktop + Mobile Presets

Credit to Mark Harrison

Mark Harrison, the creator of this preset says, “My presets are designed to enhance your photography and make your photos pop while still appearing very realistic.”

Jorden Tually Natural Travel + Nature Lightroom Presets (v2)

Credit to Jordan Tually

This bundle by Jordan Tually gives us 10 total clean travel and natural lifestyle effects. These effects include beach – cool, beach – vibrant, sunset – real, and water – intense to name a few.

Fabian Huebner Lightroom Presets

Credit to Fabian Huebner

If you are looking to add crisp colors and incredible detail to your travel photos then look no further than the Fabian Huebner Lightroom presets.

TwintheWorld Lightroom Presets

Credit to TwintheWorld

There is nothing more interesting to look at that than a dark and moody landscape photo. If you love this look too then check out the TwintheWorld Lightroom presets. In this preset you will receive 10 moody landscape Lightroom presets.

Nathael Labat Lightroom Presets

Credit to Nathael Labat

Maybe some of the presets listed are too loud and boisterous for you. If you are looking for something more subtle and low-key then check out the Nathael Labat Lightroom presets for more soft and subtle effects.

Island Light Lightroom Presets

Credit to Sunshine Seeker

This preset is wonderful for creating island effects with vibrant colors in your photos. Sunshine Seekers, the creators of this preset, had this to say “My editing style is colorful, light and bright with a touch of vintage. I love taking inspiration from analog photography and polaroids, but with a modern and vibrant twist.”

Kirk Richards Lightroom Presets Vol. 2

Credit to Kirk Richards

Kirk Richards presents to us stunning effects for mountain scenery. These presets are ideal for the hikers and travelers of the world. Use these effects to create real colors with warm and cool tones.

NEW Daniel Weissenhorn Lightroom Presets Pack

Credit to Daniel Weissenhorn

The Daniel Weissenhorn Lightroom Presets was designed for outdoor and landscape photography with a focus on wildlife. The creator notes that you should adjust your exposure before applying these presets and that these work best with soft lighting conditions.

Kopernikk Lightroom Presets

Credit to Honza Rehacek

This preset by Honza Rehacek were created in Adobe RGB profile so they are compatible with all DSLR and Fuji cameras.

Hannes Stier Lightroom Presets

Credit to Hannes Stier

The Hannes Stier Lightroom presets features 19 presets that include 13 color edits and 6 quick pro edit tools. These presets feature warm sunrises and calm tones.

George and Troja Winter Wilderness Lightroom Presets

Credit to @george_and_troja on Instagram

This is the only preset bundle on this list specifically designed for Winter conditions. Including 5 unique Winter Lightroom preset that feature blue greens and crisp cold looks you will be set for your Winter landscape photo edits.

Luca Deasti Lightroom Presets

Credit to Luca Deasti

Give your photos that retro feeling by taking a look at the Luca Desati Lightroom presets.

Little Feet Travel Lightroom Presets by Livi Bautista

Credit to Livi Bautista

The Little Feet Lightroom preset was designed for portraits and landscapes. The beautiful tones and curve effects helps you create the perfect edit every time in your photos.

Expedition Wander Lightroom Presets

Credit to Rocky Pines

Want to add crisp looks and deep tones to your photos? If the answer is yes, then check out the Expedition Wander by Rocky Pines, also know as, Forrest Blake.

Joan Slye Landscape Lightroom Presets

Credit to Alwaysjoan!

Alwaysjoan, the creator of this bundle brings us 10 unique Lightroom presets that features natural details and bright colors. This preset also works great for editing natural greens and beautiful skies.

Joel Hypponen Lightroom Presets

Credit to Joel Hypponen

Create dramatic and intense photos by using the Joel Hyppponen Lightroom presets.

Credit to the Bomshell Sisters

The Travel Fever bundle by the Bombshell Sisters gives us 14 travel Lightroom presets. These presets include warm and cold variations that feature deep colors and vivid tones.

Black.White.Vivid Travel Lightroom Presets

Credit to blackwhitevivid.com

The food and travel blog team at blackwhitevivid.com gives us a stunning landscape Lightroom preset. With 18 unique Lightroom presets you will have all you need to create a masterpiece.

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