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focodesign app for insta stories

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These days, content creators leave no stone unturned to come up with stunning social media posts. If you are also an active Instagram user or manage the social handles of a brand, then you should use an Insta Story editor tool too. One of the most popular iOS and Android designing apps that you can use is FocoDesign. After trying this free design app for a while, I have come up with this post, exploring some of its major features.

10 Best Templates from FocoDesign the Insta Story Editor

Gone are the days when we used to put a lot of time and effort to come up with visually appealing Instagram stories and posts. Now, with the help of a tool like FocoDesign, you can easily create engaging posts while saving your time.

As of now, FocoDesign has over 15,000 professionally made templates that you can explore on the app. Using these templates is also extremely easy and you can customize them entirely on the interface of this Insta story editor app. For instance, you can add your photos and change the texts of the available templates to work on your story layouts.

From the thousands of templates that are available in FocoDesign, I have picked the following 10 options for social media content creators of all kinds.

Product Showcase + Benefits

If your store or online service has just completed a milestone, then why not use these templates. They will help you showcase your best-selling product with special benefits that your audience can enjoy.

fashion instagram stories app

Jigsaw Puzzle Animation

This is one of the most popular design templates in FocoDesign that you would love to use. You can just post any picture and the Insta Story editor app will create an animation that would be similar to a jigsaw puzzle. It would certainly catch the attention of your audience on social media.

jigsaw ig story templates focodesign

Minimalist product showcase

Sometimes, we need to come up with understated designs to showcase specific products (like jewelry). This is one of those design templates that are subtle yet visually appealing.

Futuristic design with a redirect option

This is another popular FocoDesign template that you can use to showcase a single product in a futuristic design. The template would also let you redirect your audience to your website by swiping-up the story.

Stack Animation

One of the most engaging design templates, it would be a hit among your Instagram followers. You can just upload a picture and FocoDesign would create an animation of stacking parts of it. Not only it is visually appealing, but it will also let you showcase your best products.

Stunning Collage theme

Did you just go on a vacation and would like to come up with a visually appealing collage? Then explore this designer theme in FocoDesign that would let you insert a couple of pictures with their captions as well.

Stunning Collage theme ig story ideas

Hauntingly beautiful!

Last, but not least, this Halloween themed design is a must that would catch the eye of every Instagram follower. It is one of the most popular design templates in FocoDesign now and will certainly go well with the ongoing festive season.

What More can you do with FocoDesign Insta Story Editor?

Apart from the wide range of design templates that are available in FocoDesign, there are tons of other features of the app that you would enjoy. The Insta Story editor is freely available and can be downloaded from its App/Play Store page. From editing your pictures to working on numerous templates, you can do it all in one place.

Add pictures and videos in templates

This user-friendly application would let you edit photos and videos in one place. You can insert all kinds of media files in the available templates and further edit them (by including both photos and videos).

focodesign app for insta stories

Mixer in Video

One of the best things about FocoDesign is that it supports a floating window via its picture-in-picture mode. This will let you work on multiple videos at the same time. Besides that, you can also find royalty-free content in the Insta Story editor that you can readily use.

Background Remover

With the help of FocoDesign, you can also remove the background for any picture. Just go to the Picture Editor, use the Eraser tool, and select the background to remove it from the picture on the go.

background remover tool focodesign app

Editor, Collage Maker, and More

Right on the home screen of FocoDesign, you can select its Video Editor, Photo Editor, and Collage options. There are several inbuilt tools that would let you customize your media content. Furthermore, you can add filters, use its presets, or import an existing collage template to save your time.

Instagram Story Highlight Pack

Want more features to make your Instagram profile stand out? FocoDesign also offers several Instagram Story Highlight packs that you can use on your profile. These icons can be displayed as the Story Highlight banner to make your profile even more appealing.

There you go! I’m sure that after getting to know about these tips and design templates, you can certainly give your Instagram profile a brand new appeal. With a professional Insta Story editor like FocoDesign, you can easily come up with memorable and visually stunning creative designs in a jiffy.

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