7 Creative Free Mockups to Display Your Design Work

7 Creative Free Mockups to Display Your Design Work

Graphic design can be pretty impressive on its own. But what really makes your work stand out from the crowd is to apply it to mockups. In this blog, we’ll be sharing seven creative mockups to display your work. These mockups will help clients understand your work in the context it’s meant to be used in. They’ll also help you stand out from the crowd with eye-catching and unique designs. Don’t settle for boring examples!

1. Free Fabric Wrinkles Mockup

Mockups often look fake because they’re too flat and there is no depth. This fabric mockup is absolutely full of texture. The realistic fabric wrinkles help to give a three-dimensional look to a flag, banner, or blanket design. The included PSD is easy to use. Simply follow the included instructions, which just let you replace the main image with your design. In just seconds you can have an awesome-looking fabric design!

Download here

2. Free Pin Mockup

People love collecting pins, so why not mock up your cool logos on a pin? This pin template is reflective and rounded so it looks three-dimensional. Pins are an uncommon way to display your work, which means this method can be eye-catching and different.

Download here

3. Free A4 Paper Mockup

If you’re designing a PDF file, resume, or other 8.5″x11″ design, this A4-sized paper mockup is absolutely perfect. The perspective adds a sense of reality to your designs. It’s simple but effective. The template contains smart objects so you can easily replace the design with your own.

Download here

4. Free Black Facade Mockup

Logo Mockup Collection by Asylab

No matter what your logo is for, you have to admit that it’s pretty awesome to see it on a storefront. This template lets you drop in your plain 2D logo, and then choose from several preset effects that make the logo look chrome or three-dimensional. Thanks to the perfect amount of effects, this template makes the logo look realistic in the scene.

Download here

5. Free Transparent Plate Mockup

Computer screens and pieces of paper are boring, right? Why not put your awesome design on a transparent plate? This template slightly modifies logos so they appear to be etched into the transparent plastic plate. It’s a creative and unconventional way to display a logo on a surface that will make your work stand out from the rest.

Download here

6. Free Paper Bag and Cups Mockup

Whether it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery, this clean and environmentally-friendly mockup is great for many occassions. With two cups and a paper bag, this template has some versatility to it. You can apply various logos of various sizes, and experiment with special cup designs to go with your brand.

Download here

7. Free Side-by-Side Business Cards Mockup

There are more than enough business card mockups out there, and the world doesn’t need more. But this creative take on a business card template might be worth using. This mockup is three-dimensional, with physical stacks of cards, and the card is duplicated across the entire canvas, so you can show it multiple times.

Download here

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