The Daniel Green Interview

Stylist and fashion director, Daniel Green has a rare style and an open mindset when it comes to clothing. Ranging from high end fashion to vintage tees and accessories, Daniel wears it all. This is his interview.

Tell us how you got started in styling.

Well, styling came on later in my life although signs of it started when I was young. I’ve always been in fashion even as a youngin’. Everyone knew me for my style and how I dressed. As I got older I started to dress my brother and some friends and began studying brands/clothing. Styling just fell into my lap and I knew in my mind this is what I am going to do along with a handful of other things.

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What’s your style?

My style? Sheesh, I don’t even know where to start. I really do it all, street wear, high fashion, laid back. I have no one style. Fashion has no box so neither do I. One day you can catch me in Vlone, Off-White then next Raf Simons, Rick Owens, Number (N)ine, and maybe some Gucci, Vintage Fendi, Adidas and KMPW. I can tell you my go to fit. KMPW black hoodie, Raf Simons cream Biker Jacket, Number (N)ine or Off-White denim with a pair of Adidas Raf Simons shoes on.

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Why is photography important to you?

I’m not photographer, but photography is a part of me. It’s a form of art as well. Photos are a way to show off to everyone my work or my style and fashion. Its the new age. Photos go a long way so I love them and keep them on my side.

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How do you incorporate colors into your work? (Do you prefer blacks and whites or bright colors?)

When Im styling it depends on the person. I love all colors, but whites and blacks are my favorite. When it comes to colors on clothes I need simple, plain color patterns. I’m not a huge fan of a million colors on one item but I do understand it and wear it sometimes. Vfiles style is what we call it, they go KooBlunt with it. I love it.

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What is your creative process for creating/setting up a photo shoot?

When it comes to setting up a photo shoot I look at the brand first and then I get a feel for who they are and how the clothes make me feel. Then after I get that feeling I meditate. I get my best visions in silence, I see things in the dark. When I’m alone most of my creative ideas come at that time.

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As a stylist, what are the best collaborations you have had with photographers? (Who did you work the best with, create the best work with?)

I always keep my team close. I love working with Rakeb she is a wonderful photographer and she is always my GO TO photographer! She reminds me of home probably because I have known her for so long. However, photographers hit me up all the time and there are many of them that I love and am planning on working with.

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(Photo by Rakeb Photos)

Who are some people that inspire your work?

Im so glad you asked this question. Lyric Olivia. She is my fashion/industry MOTHER. She really inspires me and gives me the motivation I need daily. We always look out for each other since day 1 before anyone knew us. Next up is Waxx Villa, the fashion OG. I wont speak too much on him because he’s very low key, he works in the night like batman, but he always kills his work. He’s my go to designer and if I have any questions or problems I hit him up. Now if you want to talk bigger names Bloody O, Ian Connor, Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh, Dipset, Eddie Murphy. You know them, no words need to be spoken about them.
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Who are some of your favorite designers that you look up to?

My favorite designer’s Raf Simons. Never met him but that’s my mans. Virgil Abloh from Off-White, he goes crazy. Rick Owens always has dope gear. Kyle Washington from KMPW, he does a lot of my personal 1 of 1 gear. Waxx Villa, like I said before, is at the top of my list.

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Name one client you’d love to style.

I can’t do that I’ll give you top three…. 1.) Justin Bieber 2.) Teyana Taylor 3.) Vic Mensa. Thats not in any order thats just top three people. Top three brands….. 1.) Off-White 2.) Vetements 3.) Gucci

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Twitter: @daniels_tour

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