DJI Launches Enterprise Shield Drone Protection Plan

DJI Launches Enterprise Shield Drone Protection Plan

DJI offers a number of a products, services, and solutions for corporate clients through their enterprise website. Last week they announced the launch of Enterprise Shield.

This press release issued on July 26, 2018, shares more information about the DJI announcement for their new drone protection service:

  • Enterprise Shield is ‘a new customizable drone protection service plan designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s commercial drone operators’

  • The service plan is currently available in the United States, Canada, and Mainland China

  • DJI is providing broad accident coverage, repair and replacement services, free shipping and rapid delivery, and more for enterprise customers

  • DJI Enterprise Shield is available in two tiers, Enterprise Shield Basic and Enterprise Shield Plus

dji free and overnight delivery

What is Enterprise Shield?

Jan Gasparic, Head of Enterprise Partnerships at DJI said: “Professional drone operators rely on DJI systems to complete their missions with high performance and minimal downtime, and they have told us they want that same level of reliability and flexibility in an aftersales solution. This was the inspiration behind DJI Enterprise Shield – a plan that gives our enterprise customers the peace of mind they need to focus on their missions.”

Enterprise Shield is a drone protection service plan from DJI that is available in two tiers, basic and plus. These plans are customizable allowing clients to get specific coverage. You are able to work directly with a specialist and get coverage needed for specific products and product lines.

Enterprise Shield Basic

Enterprise Shield Basic covers two product replacements for damaged DJI drones and payloads (with the exception of XT and XT2) covered by the plan within the one-year coverage period, for a small corresponding fixed fee. When shipping products in for replacement, free ground shipping is used. Replacement products are said to ‘meet new product performance and reliability standards’.

Enterprise Shield Plus

Enterprise Shield Plus covers unlimited repair services and product replacements to damaged drones and payloads within the coverage amount selected by the customer. Free two-way overnight shipping is used to send operators a new product in exchange for their damaged product.

The plan also covers free repair services for DJI’s Zenmuse XT and Zenmuse XT2 thermal camera payloads. DJI will provide operators with the option to use a replacement device on loan for these payloads while their original product is under repair.

Enterprise Shield Plus also provides the option to share coverage across multiple DJI products, helping commercial drone operators protect an entire fleet using one plan.

The cost of the plus plan is not mentioned in the press release, but can be expected to be more due to the thoroughness of the coverage. You can view a graphic from DJI to see the comparison of the plans.

dji enterprise shield plans

Availability of Enterprise Shield

DJI states that Enterprise Shield is available today for DJI customers in the United States, Canada, and Mainland China. Enterprise Shield only provides services in the country or region where it is purchased.

In order to sign up for Enterprise Shield, DJI recommends you to contact your local DJI Enterprise Dealer or contact DJI Enterprise Service: [email protected]

More information about the entire Enterprise Shield program can be found on the DJI enterprise website.

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