Save GBs of Data Using Dotphoton RAW Image Compressor with Free Version

Dotphoton RAW Image Compressor with Free Version

If there is one app deserving any pro photographer’s closest attention this year, it’s our team’s latest discovery – Dotphoton Raw.

Dotphoton is a RAW image compressor already saving tens of thousands for photographers across Europe, slowly approaching the States.

We had a chance to speak with Boris, head of Product for Dotphoton Raw, to learn more about the revolutionary compression service that is quickly gaining attention in the photography world. Read below to see how this software can save you some money. Also, we have a limited time discount available for the FilterGrade Community in April 2020!

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Originally developed for biomedical raw big data analysis, Dotphoton algorithm reduces your Sony, Canon, Nikon (and some others) raw file size down to around 20%. This would be enough to rush in, if not for one thing: Dotphoton preserves the original dynamic range with close to zero information loss, meaning your files are still fully RAW. Sounds unbelievable, but you can follow our steps and check the free version yourself.

dotphoton raw compression for photographers

Benefits of compressing your RAW files

It’s really hard to list all the potential benefits. For us at FilterGrade it’s keeping 5 times more RAWs in our cloud storage (we use Google), but wedding photographers, for example, can skip buying a new NAS this year, saving up to $2,000! It’s also very nice to have your Lightroom work faster or upload raw images to remote storage like if they were just JPEGs.

How to use Dotphoton Raw

dotphoton raw interface

It’s super simple. Depending on whether you want your previously introduced LR edits to be carried through to optimized files or not, you can choose one of the two modes:

  1. Compress individual files straight from your camera. The app will optimize your files and you are ready to import and edit them in your favorite software.

  2. LRcat optimization. Ever wondered how to make your Lightroom catalog faster? Try this: click “Optimize Lightroom catalog folders”, select a couple of folders and Dotphoton Raw will shrink them while also backing up your originals and the lrcat file itself, automatically relinking files in your catalog. Oh, and your edits and metadata will be of course preserved.

Get Dotphoton Raw for free or choose a paid plan you like

The app’s distribution is flexible: you can either get a lifetime license or a yearly subscription costing no more than a Lightroom preset pack. What’s awesome is you don’t pay for the amount of storage freed up!

Oh, one more important note: it’s only running on Mac for now, but we contacted the team to confirm the Windows version is on its way and you’re welcome to shoot them a note to get yourself on the waiting list.

Curious to try this? Here’s a special 10% intro discount for all FilterGrade customers via this link until April 30 2020: FILTERGRADE2020

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