How to Create a Fall Inspired Vintage Photo Effect

fall inspired vintage photo effect

Fall is in full swing. You know what that means? Time for fun fall photos!

To kick things off, I thought it’d be great to create a little fall inspired vintage photo effect that you can use on your photos. This is the perfect photo effect for those shots at the Apple Orchard and the Pumpkin Patch!

Renegade Heavy Vintage Photoshop Actions

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Step 1

Start by opening an image of your choice. For this tutorial, I’ll be using a photo from Unsplash.


Step 2

To get those beautiful deep colors, we’re going to create a new Curves adjustment. Create two points and make a gradual curve like the one shown below.


Step 3

Now that our Curves are situated, we need to add a slight Gradient Map to the image. In the adjustment panel, you’ll find a tiny icon that looks like a fade from black to white.


If you don’t see the Adjustments Panel, go to Window > Adjustments in your Photoshop menu bar. Once you find it, click this icon to create the Gradient Map. Then click the faded gradient box on the left that looks like this.


After that a box will pop up. This is the Gradient Editor. In it, you can change the colors of the gradient. Double click the tiny box on the left and change it’s hex color to #282828.


After you do that, double click the tiny box on the right and change it’s hex color to #d7c69e.


Then, after following all the steps above your photo will look something like this.


Step 4

To make those tones a bit more subtle, bring down the opacity on the Gradient Map to 35%. Then your photo should have tones similar to this.


Step 5

Next, create a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer and change both the brightness and contrast to 5.


Step 6

The final adjustment we are going to add is a Selective Color layer. This will help bring out some of the deeper magenta’s that look so good with fall photos.

Start by adjusting the blacks. Copy the settings below.


Then adjust the whites. Copy the settings below.


And boom, you’ve just completed the tutorial. After making those subtle adjustments to the colors the photo looks like this.



Here is a final before and after.


Thanks so much for following along and enjoy this awesome fall inspired vintage photo effect! If you use it in the wild, leave a comment or email us so we can see too.

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      Thanks Hashem! Appreciate the support. :)

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