Adobe Adds Faster Portrait Selection in Major Photoshop Update

adobe photoshop updates june 2020

Today Adobe rolled out a slew of new features and updates for Photoshop, Camera RAW, and Lightroom. Referred to by the company as “its largest release since Adobe Max’, which was last November, this update has a lot to offer! Read about the new Adobe Photoshop Camera app here.

One of the most notable updates for Photoshop is better and faster portrait selection.

photoshop select subject

Gif: Adobe

The new Select Subject command is now much more precise when selecting portraits, especially with various types of hair and intricate details. In a single click you can select and mask your subject! Gone are the days of tedious pen tool selections, remember those?

Other Notable New Photoshop Updates

Rotatable Patterns

Patterns can now rotate 360 degrees so you can get the perfect angle and orientation. This is non-destructive and works like all other settings in layer styles. You can easily restore/alter it.

rotatable patterns

Gif: Adobe

Improved Match Font

New features for Match Font in Photoshop work with Adobe Sensei and ‘uses advanced machine learning algorithm to detect the font used in a photo by matching it to fonts available on your computer or in Adobe Fonts and suggest similar fonts’.

improved match font

Gif: Adobe

Lightroom-linked Editing in Photoshop on iPad

Now Lightroom and Photoshop are linked on the iPad too, just like for desktops.

Adobe stated, “Starting today, you can seamlessly move an image from Lightroom to Photoshop and back so you can easily process large sets of images in Lightroom and also transform them into something completely new using Photoshop on the iPad.”

lightroom on ipad june 2020

photoshop on ipad june 2020

Photos: Adobe

Adobe Camera Raw Improvements

As a part of the overall update, Adobe also made some very significant improvements to the Camera Raw app.

  • Updates to the interface with more easily navigable tools

  • Ability to work with multiple edit panels at the same time

  • Ability to create and set ISO adaptive presets as raw defaults

  • New Hue slider to change colors in specific areas without affecting the rest of the photo

  • Improved Curves panel to easily switch between Parametric and Point Curve channels

  • Additional improvements, read all here:

adobe camera raw updates june 2020

Photo: Adobe

What is your favorite update to Photoshop? Leave a comment below.

filtergrade light leaks bundle for photoshop

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