FilterGrade FilmStock Photoshop Actions Review

FilmStock Photoshop Actions Review

Analog photography has always been magical to me. The faded look of the photos. The small particles of light that leaks into the edge of images. It really is quite intriguing.

I developed FilmStock to emulate film and analog photography, so I could replicate it in Photoshop to the best of my abilities.

If you’ve been eyeing FilmStock for a while, or are just stumbling across it today, I suggest running through this review, as it will give you a much better idea of what it is, and what is included in your download.

Already convinced you’ll love it? Go Straight to FilmStock.

What is FilmStock?

FilmStock is a bundle of film photoshop actions, made to emulate the analog cameras popularized in the 1970s and 1980s. You get everything from vintage tones to analog errors and light leaks in this set.

If you are a fan of analog and film photography, you’ll probably love these actions.

filtergrade filmstock photoshop actions review

Included Actions & Resources

FilmStock includes a variety of actions and tools made to help you add film effects to your photos in the most efficient way possible. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you get with your download.

  • 30 Analog Film Photoshop Actions
  • 20 Authentic Scratch and Dust Brushes for Photoshop
  • Noise & Grain Filters
  • Real Analog Error Looks
  • Plenty of Light Leaks
  • Washed Out Looks & Vintage Fades
  • Help Files & Video Demos

Guides & Help Files

Using a new set of Photoshop actions is hard. With FilmStock, we wanted to make it that much easier to get started, and fast. This time around, we recorded a full video demo of the product, which you can see below.

There are also some help files with written content for reference.


FilmStock is built to be compatible with Photoshop.

These actions will work perfectly in Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, Photoshop CC, and Photoshop CC 2014.

We do not support earlier versions of Photoshop, or other programs at this time. Sorry!


What’s a review without some examples? Below are images edited with the Photoshop actions and brushes included in FilmStock.

FilmStock Photoshop Actions Review






Aside from saving you time, here are some of the more unique benefits I’ve found with FilmStock.

  • Make analog effects fast, without the hassle of using complex systems.
  • Have a blast within Photoshop.
  • Create light leaks customized for my images.
  • Add a real film look to my photos with dirty, scratchy brushes.
  • Show off these photos to all my friends.

Want to instantly turn your photos into analog masterpieces? Grab FilmStock!


Hopefully this covers any and all questions you may have had about FilmStock.

If not, leave a comment or contact me via Support.

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4 Replies to “FilterGrade FilmStock Photoshop Actions Review”

  1. Geoff says:

    It’s a strange reaction I get when I see these images; these are exactly the sort of effects that I try to avoid in my usual photography. Bland colouring, glare, scratches, bleached out skies.
    And to think, I used to get these results without any filters, just by being lackadaisical… :-)

    1. Mike says:

      To each his own I guess.

      A lot of our customers seem to enjoy it. Many people are fans of vintage and analog style photography.

      What types of looks are you going for?

      1. Geoff says:

        No criticism intended, Mike. These effects achieve the desired result. They’re very convincing.
        I found a picture of a hay field after harvest, on a film still sitting in an old Pentax camera. Due to the ageing process – the chemicals deteriorating I presume – the image looked identical to your last example. Maybe a bit more grain :-)
        This nostalgic-look is a reaction to modern techniques I presume, when even the worst camera(wo)man can take a perfect (quality) photo.
        As for the effects I’m looking for: I don’t think there’s a trend ‘untouched’ these days. Almost anything’s possible, certainly with Photoshop. Combined with good filters of course…

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