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Sometimes a blank screen isn’t enough to reel someone in. Sometimes you need to add some motion or some type of flare that will bring the viewer in and keep them engaged. Today we have a free animated background for you to help keep your content engaging and appealing! This animated background is perfect for YouTube videos, title backgrounds, and for adding cool effects to your still projects.

Download the free animated background below:

This animated background was created by FilterGrade partner, Thiago Vibes. Thiago has some incredible presets, LUTs, motion graphics and more on the marketplace – be sure to check out the rest of his products to help spice up your editing!

What is an Animated Background?

Animated backgrounds are just like a regular still background, but instead they are animated so that there is some sort of motion to help engage the viewer.

In this case, Thiago Vibes used different shape patterns and then animated them to create a unique motion effect.

How Can I Use Animated Backgrounds?

Animated backgrounds are perfect for creating social content with because they’re much more engaging than a still, motionless advertisement or post. They’re also great for YouTube content, title cards in your video projects, transitions, overlays, and more!

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We know we’re always on the hunt for more freebies…. so that’s why we’re always creating more freebies for you!

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