FREE Aspect Ratio PNG Overlays for Your Next Videography Project

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Ever watch a documentary or film and notice the black bars along the sides of the screen or the top/bottom? These are aspect ratio bars – depending on what kind of camera you’re shooting on, your aspect ratio can be different which is what causes these black bars to appear depending on wat format screen you’re viewing on.

To re-create these aspect ratio looks, many videographers like to add black bars to their videos based off of their favorite cameras.

Today Matt’s put together a bundle of FREE Aspect Ratio PNG Overlays for videographers. All of the aspect ratios were originally formatted in 1920 x 1080p (16:9 ratio) and work great with all video projects! Mix and match these black bar overlays to create endless border effects for your film projects.

Find the FREE Black Bar Aspect Ratio PNG Overlays below:

What’s in the Bundle?

Find 20 different aspect ratio png overlays in this free bundle created for videographers and filmmakers.

Using these black bar png overlays, you’ll be able to add some drama and cinematic feeling to your next film or video project. These overlays are also great for making trailer mockups and movie poster designs!

Start editing with these black par png overlays created by Matt Moloney today.

  • 20 Various Aspect Ratio PNG Overlays

In this bundle you’ll find 8 different sidebar aspect ratio overlays and you’ll find 8 various top/bottom aspect ratio png overlays. On top of this, you’ll also find 4 unique border effects to add on to your projects!

Download the free aspect ratio black bar overlays below:

Use these aspect ratio overlays with our FREE Cinematic Video LUTs and you’ll be able to create a full cinematic film! For more LUTs and video editing assets, check out some of our favorites below:

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