FREE Beauty & Makeup Lightroom Presets (Mobile+ Desktop)

Beauty & Make-Up photography can be tough – getting the lighting just right takes time and practice. However, if you have some extra help to get you started out, you’ll be able to make your photos much better!

We’re here to help. Today, we’ve put together a pack of FREE beauty and make-up Lightroom presets for all the aspiring fashion and portrait photographers out there! Use these free lightroom presets to help you learn about color grading for skin tones and beauty photoshoots.

View some of the previews below :)

Download the FREE Presets Below!

In this FREE Beauty + Make-up Lightroom Presets Pack, you’ll get a variety of different types of one-click edits for your fashion and skin tone photo edits! There are different color tone variations in this bundle, as well as multiple clarity effects to clean your photo – that way you can add some color and other effects that you see will best work on your photos!

In this free preset pack, you’ll receive:

  • 7 FREE Lightroom Presets (Desktop)
  • 7 FREE Lightroom Presets (Mobile)
  • Multiple color tone variations for fashion & beauty photography
  • Clarity Effects to enhance portraits and skin tones

Download the FREE beauty presets below:

Here’s How to Download and Use Your Lightroom Presets

If you’re on your laptop or desktop computer, check out this tutorial for installing and using your new Lightroom Presets!

If you’re working from your phone or mobile device, check out the tutorial below for downloading, installing, and using your new Lightroom Presets!

Now that you know how to use your Lightroom Presets, be sure to play around with them so you can learn how to make the perfect photo that fits your style and preference!

Download the FREE Lightroom Presets Here!

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