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We all need a way to keep track of important dates, events, and to-dos. But we also want something fun and inspiration to look at. A calendar that is functional and decorative will keep you organized, especially if you’re a freelancer or working from home. You will be more eager to tackle your goals for the year. When you can find them for free, that’s an added bonus.  That is why we rounded up the best free calendar templates for 2021 so you don’t have to look any further. Below you will find a variety of stylish and inspiring calendars that you can download, customize, and enjoy in your home or office.

21 Free Calendar Templates for 20201

1. Colorful Calendar

This calendar is simple and colorful. Each month comes on its own separate page and you can fill them in as you desire. Get all 12 months here

2. Shining Mom Floral

This floral calendar is one of the many designs you will find at You can edit it by downloading it and opening it in Microsoft Word. You’ll be able to add birthdays and special reminders. Or simply print and enjoy by going here

3. Bright 2021 Calendar

This calendar will brighten up your year. Each month is simply designed to help keep you organized throughout the year. Check out each monthly layout here. To get the PDF of this calendar you will need to subscribe and have the calendar sent to your email. Once you get the email you can print and use it.

4. Positive Thoughts

Fill your year with positive reminders with this cute calendar. Each month has a positive thought displayed at the top of the page. The designs will bring a smile to your face each time you see it. Download the full calendar here. 

5. Whimsical Calendar

Each month of this calendar is thoughtfully created. The designs, colors, and layout are everything you want to brighten up your year. This is one calendar you will want to have on display in your home or office. See all the months here  

6. Kid’s Calendar

This calendar features hand-drawn inspired graphics into its design. It’s a fun and colorful calendar that can serve many purposes. All major holidays are marked for you as well. To get this delightful calendar click here.

7. Gratitude Calendar

The simple black and white design of this calendar make it stand out on its own. What is really great about this calendar is that each month there is a section at the top of the calendar that lets you write what you are grateful for that month. It’s a great way to stay organized and focused on all that you have. Download this 2021 calendar here.

8. Fun and Colorful

The simple designs included at the top of each month are colorful and fit perfectly with each month. There is also a cute quote, song lyric, or saying that perfectly sums up each month of the year. To see this full calendar click here. 

9. Foodie Fun Calendar

This calendar is just delightful. While designed with the foodie in mind, but this is a calendar anyone will enjoy. Each month feathers different foods at the top of the page along with a witty and funny saying. Look over each month here and download it today. 

10. WaterColor

If you want to have more control over your calendars you can use a template like this WaterColor Calendar. You will have the option to download and print just one month at a time or the full calendar. You can also change the colors, start the week on Monday instead of Sunday, and add text to specific days of the month. Customize this calendar here. 

11. Customizable

If you are looking for a calendar that is easy to edit but is already beautifully designed this is the option for you. Download all 12 months at one time or go back and download one month at a time. You can change the colors and add text to specific dates. Get started with this template here

12. Quote Calendar

This is another fully customizable calendar to consider. Change up the colors, elements, fonts, and more. It also features an inspiring quote at the top of each month which can be changed for every month. Check out this free 2021 calendar template here

13. Daily Calendar

This is a traditional yearly calendar but is great for those who have a lot going on during the week. Print out each of the monthly calendars and laminate them. Then you can easily add the dates and your to-do each week. Get the template here.

14. Single Page

This displays each of the months on one single page. It is good to have something like this at your desk to quickly glance and check dates on. There is also a section on the side that lets you jot down quick notes and reminders for important dates and appointments. You can download this calendar as a Word or Excel document or download and print from the image here. 

15. Cat Calendar 

If you love cats you’ll love this cat calendar. Each month features a cat full of personality to enjoy all year long! Download it here. 

16. Inspiring Image Calendar

This calendar features picturesque landscape and nature images at the top of each month. You will find this calendar sparks the adventurous side of you. View this template here. 

17. Blue Year at a Glance  

Image by Demiahl from Pixabay

You can quickly download and print this calendar in just a few seconds. If you are looking for a calendar you can carry around with you and look at quickly this will meet your needs. Get this bright blue calendar here.

18. Purple Calendar

Image by Rafael Javier from Pixabay 

This varying shade of purple makes this calendar stand out. It is simple, yet, perfectly designed so you can display this in the office or in your home. While you can’t edit it there isn’t much you’d want to change about it anyway. Download your free copy here.

19. Scenic View

Image by Rafael Javier from Pixabay 

This vertical calendar displays amazing vector art images at the top of the calendar. One look will calm and ease away the stress from your day no matter what day it may be. Easily download this stunning 2021 calendar here. 

20. Blue Landscape

Image by Rafael Javier from Pixabay 

If you are looking for a year at a glance calendar that also doubles as a piece or art, this is the calendar you are looking for. The image at the top of the calendar is perfectly balanced by the colors used to highlight the months below. You will love looking at this calendar all year round. Get it free here

21. Floral Design

This calendar is just a fun, light-hearted, and beautiful monthly calendar. The flowers spilling from the top of each month are delicate adding just enough color and details to capture your attention. Easily keep track of appointments, birthdays, special events, and more with this free printable. You can find the links for all 12 months here

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