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Next time you’re watching YouTube, or just hanging out watching TV, listen closely. What do you notice? There are sound effects of all kinds that help bring a project to life.

Today, we’ve put together 7 FREE Film Camera Sound FX that will help add retro, vintage sounds to your videography projects!

Download the 7 FREE Film Camera Sound FX below:

Listen to some of the sound FX here in our FULL Film Camera Sound FX Pack Preview!

We use these film camera sound effects in our videos for our YouTube channel all the time to help give our videos that extra boost. Check out some examples below:

What’s in the FREE Download?

With this free sound fx pack, you’ll get 7 free sound effects created with old-school film cameras.

We included film winder noises, shutter click sounds, film spool reloading sfx, & a few other goodies that you’ll enjoy :)

Looking for More Film Camera Sound FX?

If you’re looking for more film camera sound effects for your next project, you’re in luck.

We have a bundle of 50 Vintage camera sounds just like this on the marketplace – check it out here:

4 Replies to “7 FREE Camera Sound FX”

  1. Geoff Naylor says:

    Love it. Great idea. Going to pass it on to friends.

  2. This is such a helpful great list of music blogs, really need this. Thanks.

  3. Emna says:

    Good day! Must we credit when using these?

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks Emna, if possible yes we’d really appreciate a credit to FilterGrade. Thanks!

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