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Adding overlays can help bring your photos to life and give them that extra pop to make them even more eye-catching! Today, we have some new chrome textures and overlay elements that you can use on all of your photography projects to help add some cool, crinkled photo effects.

These free textures and overlays are best used on top of other photos by blending the two together, or they can be great for backgrounds and textural elements throughout your project.

In this FREE textures and overlays pack, you will get 6 unique chromatic effects to use on your photos and various projects!


Many of these chrome textures are best-used when blending with photos and/or designs in Adobe Photoshop. When blended correctly, you can get a cool, ripple effect on your photos.

Match these textures and overlays with text and blend your text to create cool effects that show the text in and out of the overlay. See the free chrome textures promo image below for an example.

Check out some of our examples below :)

These chrome photo elements were created by our co-founder, Matt, and were inspired by his plastic textures pack which you can find below:

Below are some helpful tips for using these kinds of photo overlays and textures. Some of my favorite blend options are screen, linear burn, and darken.

Tips for Using Overlays in Adobe Photoshop - FilterGrade

These unique overlays are great for adding to your graphic designs and posters to give it a nice, vintage feel with a bit of texture and feel to it. Adding elements like this can take your projects to the next level and move your work from good to great.

Set yourself apart with these cool film effects and texture elements. These are best used in Adobe Photoshop; however, because these are .png elements, you can use them in many different editing softwares.

Continue below to find more free elements!

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