Free Cityscape Lightroom Presets Download

Free Cityscape Lightroom Presets Download from FilterGrade

When traveling, I love to document the various cities that I pass through. Comparing the unique environment of each location is always fun. It’s amazing how quickly you can recognize a city simply based on its architecture and layout.

Editing for each cityscape presents unique challenges. Photos in brighter locations with more sunlight require highlights adjustments, whereas darker cities can benefit from matte shadows and softened shade.

To help you out, we put together this free cityscape Lightroom Presets download! It includes some fun effects for processing your photos from the city.

techno future free cityscape lightroom presets

This freebie includes 4 unique presets with street and urban styles for a variety of uses along with help files to get you started. Learn how to install Lightroom Presets.

Included Presets

  1. Aerial Boost – Best for aerial skyline photos in warm and bright environments. This effect boosts the colors and brightens the image naturally.
  2. Rush Hour – Cool shadows and warm highlights with split toning effects. Great for a variety of photos. You can adjust the exposure, shadows, and highlights to match your shooting style best.
  3. Techno Future – Futuristic high tech effect with dramatic blue tones and desaturation. This effect is ideal for photos of skyscrapers, glass buildings, and large cityscapes.
  4. Sharpened B&W – Sharp and contrasting black and white effect.

Keep scrolling to view more previews and before/afters of each preset included in the download.

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Download FREE Cityscape Lightroom Presets

free urban lightroom presets

free sharpened black and white lightroom preset

free aerial cityscape presets for lightroom

futuristic free cityscape lightroom presets

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