FREE Contact Sheet Template (.psd)

Have you ever seen a bunch of photos layed out on black paper with markings all over them? These are called ‘contact sheets’, and these are what old-school photographers used to use in order to make selects and decide which photos they would use and print versus which photos were bad and not the ones to be used for their project.

Nowadays, many photographers are familiar with contact sheets because of Magnum’s book of contact sheets from some of their most notable photographers throughout history (which we highly recommend checking out).

Many photographers see these contact sheets and think to themselves, ‘wow, for one, these look incredible, but on second thought – this is actually a really smart way to proof images and see what’s best for the project.’

If this is you, and this is what you’re thinking right now, then you’re in luck. Today we’ve put together a simple, free contact sheet template to use in Adobe Photoshop so you can start proofing your images and using them to make selects! Check it out below:

Download our FREE Contact Sheet Template Here:

FREE Contact Sheet Template

To keep things consistent, we’ve opted to create the contact sheet template just like an old-school one would look with 36 frames (1 roll of 35mm film). We’ve also included a few marker overlays to help you create these awesome, realistic contact sheets.

Download our FREE Contact Sheet Template Here:

Be sure to check out our Marker Overlays Pack to go with this free template! There are tons of different marker overlays to use to mark up your contact sheets and make them look authentic!

Check out the marker overlays here:

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