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Free Corona Lightroom Presets - Jessie Raynard- Filtergrade

We can’t lie to you… Coronavirus has been pretty tough for us. Whether you’re a business owner, a creative entrepreneur, or just someone that likes to be out and active all the time, it’s definitely been difficult getting adjusted to this new way of life. To help ease the mood a little bit, we’ve linked up with Jessie Raynard to give back to you – the creators. Today, we have a new ‘Corona’ Lightroom Preset Pack that we will be giving away for FREE. Find out more information, and download the FREE presets below.

What’s in the FREE Preset Pack?

In today’s freebie, we’re giving out 4 Lightroom Presets, all of which are focused on the current pandemic, Coronavirus. These Free Lightroom Presets were created by Jessie Raynard and will help you transform your images in no time at all.

  • 4 FREE Lightroom Presets (.xmp format)

Still Looking for More FREEBIES??

We’re always on the same page. Who doesn’t want more FREEBIES??

You’re in luck because we have tons of free editing assets on our marketplace for you to play around with and create cool edits with. Check some of them out below:

Find More of Jessie’s Work

Jessie Raynard is a photographer and content creator based in Ontario, Canada specializing in portraiture and brand/product photography. His work is moody, crisp, and simply incredible.

If you are looking to step up your photo editing, be sure to check out Jessie Raynard’s custom Lightroom Presets that he is currently selling on the FilterGrade marketplace:

And be sure to follow him on Instagram and give him a big thank you for sharing his free Lightroom presets :)

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