Free DuoTone Photoshop Plugin from Vexus

Adding duotone effects to your images is a simple way to enrich your images and is used in many popular design styles. FilterGrade offers great Photoshop and Lightroom preset to add Duotones to your images.

Thanks to Vexus digital, they’ve designed and built an amazing way to keep control of all your duotones in one lightweight Photoshop Plugin. View more plugins here.

This advanced duotone Photoshop plugin runs on the latest versions of Photoshop and now supports M1 Mac versions.

Let’s take a look at some of the features offered in the free Photoshop plugin.

30 DuoTone effects included

Packaged in one easy-to-install Photoshop plugin, DuoTone includes 30 unique color maps to add to your images. View pre-made previews within the add-on to visualize what each effect will look like before applying to your artboard or image.

Add texture

As easy as it is to add DuoTones to your images, with just 1 click you can also opt to add a subtle rustic texture, to achieve that distorted or aged look that matches so well with DuoToned images. Once you’ve turned on the texture set, every DuoTone effect thereafter will also apply the texture to your images.


All applied DutoTone effects are added to your Photoshop document in a non-destructive manner, to allow for fine-tune customization and editability, never affecting your underlying artwork, design or photographic image.

Any Resolution

DuoTone Photoshop plugin works by adding multiple adjustment layers to your active Photoshop canvas, resulting in no limitations on pixel density, canvas size or performance limitations.

Invert Duotone

Using the invert option, you can set the direction of your gradient maps before applying the DuoTone effect. This feature becomes helpful when working with overlay dark or inverted images.

Add Duotones like a pro

Vexus’s DuoTone Pro Photoshop Plugin, allows you to add a rich duotone effect to your design or images quickly, and without the need for large design templates or downloads. Each duotone effect is easy to apply, and visualize with our inline preview images.

Download for Free at Vexus

Vexus has made its DuoTone Photoshop plugin free for download for all to enjoy. Go grab a copy of DuoTone and start creating some amazing imagery or designs with this jam-packed, creative tool for Photoshop and checkout some of their premium paid Photoshop plugins also.

Download DuoTone

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