FREE Film Burn Textures + Overlays

Finding fresh, specific backgrounds and textural elements to use in your projects can be difficult, especially when you’re creating non-stop! Today we’ve decided to put together a new pack of textures for you to use in any of your concepts or projects.

Our co-founder, Matt, scans his film at home all the time and decided that he would put all of his scraps and film ends to good use. Using the spare strips from his film photography journeys, he’s been able to put together this FREE pack of film burns!

All he does to create these simple backgrounds is burn his 35mm film scraps with a lighter and then scan it for you to use! Check out some samples below to see what you can create :)

Download the FREE Film Burn Textures Pack

Find the FREE Film Burn Backgrounds & Textures Pack below :)

What’s in the FREE Film Burn Textures Pack?

In this FREE film burn textures pack, we’ve included 30 unique film burns that you can use as textures or backgrounds, or you can use them as overlays on your projects!.

In the bundle, you’ll find:

  • 30 Unique Film Burn Textures
  • Multiple color variants (red, yellow, green, & dark tones)

These textures are great for making your work stand out from the crowd. You’ll be able to add vintage effects to your photos and poster designs to make something way more interested than a flat design with no character.

Trust me, next time you’re working on a project – look at the before/after when using these film burn textures. If you’re looking for something that will add life and character to your project then this will make you much happier with your outcome!

Also, use these film burn textures as a nice creative tool for videos as well :) All you have to do is add some motion / animation and you’ll have your very own grain textures for your film projects!

View Previews of the Film Burn Textures Below

Download the FREE Film Burn Textures Pack Now!

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If you downloaded the free film burn textures pack and enjoyed them but are still looking for more elements to add to your projects, check out some of our other freebies below! You can never go wrong with something that’s FREE.

5 Replies to “FREE Film Burn Textures + Overlays”

  1. Su Hall says:

    These are really nice!! Thank you!!

    1. Mike says:

      Thanks so much Su!

      1. Subham Sadhu says:

        why are a lot of these files corrupted?

      2. Mike says:

        What do you mean? I just tested the files and all 30 film burns are showing up fine.

  2. Guille says:


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