FREE Film Tone LUTs

FREE Film Tones LUTs Pack Cover

Video LUTs are so helpful when starting your video edits. It helps you save time with base edits, and helps you to focus on the main edits that you want to work on!

Today we made some new Film Tone LUTs for your travel videos and adventure footage! With the FREE Film Tone LUTs bundle, you’ll get 4 FREE Video LUTs in both .cube & .look format. These effects are perfect for summertime edits and will help add tropical colors and vibrant tones :)

Check out out preview for the FREE Film Tone LUTs below.

Download the FREE LUTs!

Whatever project you use these on, you’ll be able to add some warm, vibrant tones, cool faded blues, and more! Plus, one of the best parts about LUTs is that they’re a great base to start with. Adding your own unique flares and customizations is always the best part to make it your very own color grade!

Download the 4 FREE LUTs below:

  • 4 FREE Film Tone Video LUTs (.cube & .look)
  • “Clean Raw” – Flattening tool to help create your very own masterpiece
  • “Tropic Tone” – For warm, vibrant scenes
  • “Faded Blues” – Low contrast, blue tone for scenes near the water
  • “Sharp Detail” – Contrasty, summer filter that works like a charm

Need to Figure Out How to Use these LUTs?

Still trying to figure out how to use these LUTs? Don’t worry, we have a bunch of tutorials to help get you started.

Check some of them out below to help you import your video LUTs, how to Install them, and how to use them once they’re imported!

How to Import & Apply LUTs (Adobe Premiere Pro)

How to Install & Use LUTs (Davinci Resolve)

How to Import & Apply LUTs (Final Cut Pro)

How to Install LUTs (Adobe Photoshop)

Still Looking for More LUTs?

If you’re still looking for more LUTs, then you are in for a treat! We have tons of different Video LUTs on the marketplace that are made specifically for all different types of footage. Check out some of our favorites below, or head to the marketplace here to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Still Looking for More FREE LUTs?

This is me – always looking for the next freebie. Why not try something new without spending a dime? That’s always the best feeling.

We have you covered. Check out some of our recent freebies below:

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