15+ Free Floral Brushes and Patterns for Photoshop

Floral designs and free floral brushes/patterns for Photoshop.

Working in Photoshop it’s nice to have a variety of resources and assets to use in your projects. Fonts, brushes, patterns, backgrounds, and other freebies are particularly useful as a part of a larger project.

Today we are gathering some of our favorite floral and flower themed designs. Below you can find free floral brushes, patterns, elements and more for Photoshop along with a few freebies for Illustrator too.

What are Photoshop Brushes?

Photoshop Brushes are brush presets saved in Photoshop with defined characteristics for size, shape, hardness, etc. You can install brushes individually or in a group and they are saved/shared as .abr files.

Brushes can be used for a variety of purposes. Sometimes they are simply a certain style to enhance drawing/illustration in Photoshop or sometimes they are patterns/designs like the free floral brushes featured below.

What are Photoshop Patterns?

Photoshop Patterns are preset patterns based on tiled images/designs. Patterns are saved and shared as .pat files and are used widely for design and multimedia projects.

1. Free Floral Fabric Photoshop Brushes

free floral fabric photoshop brushes

Beautiful free floral fabric brushes for Photoshop. High quality 2500px brush size with 15 unique free brushes included in this pack! Useful for social media graphics, backgrounds, and adding clean details to branding projects.

2. Minimal Floral Brushes

free download floral brushes

Minimal floral brushes pattern for Photoshop. These leaf/plant textures can be a great addition to your design/media project.

3. Very Flowery Floral Pattern

very flowery free floral pattern

Fun flowery pattern free for both personal and commercial use. Created by pehaa.com.

4. Floral Pattern (Vector)

free floral pattern ai vector

This is actually a pattern for Adobe Illustrator, but I came across it when researching for this post and had to include it because it is so colorful and bright! This is completely vector making it easy to scale up and down for your designs in Illustrator.

5. Seamless Floral Patterns

seamless floral patterns freebie

A bundle of 6 eccentric seamless floral patterns. These are 300 DPI high res patterns so you can use them in both print and web design work. Add vintage themes to a design with these stylish floral patterns.

6. Free Floral Patterns by Vector Beast

free floral patterns vector beast

Cute and minimal floral patterns for Photoshop. This pack includes 8 unique flower brushes.

7. Floral Seamless Pattern Set

floral seamless patterns set

Two unique free vector floral patterns from a floral pattern bundle.

8. Floral Brushes Bundle

floral brushes bundle

A bundle of 15 floral brushes for Photoshop featuring wreathes, plant arrangements, and more.

9. Vintage Floral Patterns

vintage floral patterns

Gorgeous free floral Photoshop patterns that are seamless and tileable! Featuring vintage looking poppies, peonies, roses, daises, and more flowers.

10. Floral Photoshop Pattern

free floral photoshop pattern

An intricate and seamless free floral pattern for Photoshop. Add ornate details to your invitations, holiday/themed cards, social media graphics, backgrounds, and more.

11. Free Floral PNG Renders

floral pngs freebie

Flowers, leaves, and floral arrangements from BEAPANDA. These PNG renders are great for overlaying in a design or photography project. You can simply drag and drop the render into your Photoshop Document and then place it wherever you’d like.

12. Hand-Drawn Floral Elements

hand-drawn floral elements

An epic bundle of free hand-drawn floral elements, garnishes, and graphics for Photoshop and Illustrator. This pack includes 110 unique vector elements that are perfect for designing greeting cards, invitations, backgrounds, and more.

13. Vector Plants and Textures

vector plants and textures freebie

A fun assortment of vector and raster plants, cacti, and various other related textures. These have a minimal and colorful feel! Useful for cover images and funny graphics, blog images, and more.

14. Spring Floral Vectors

freebie spring floral vectors

Freebie Friday from designer Jess Levitz of June Letters! Download these wonderful spring floral vectors for free on her website.

15. Floral Designer Patterns

floral designer patterns freebie from rene blooms

A custom freebie pack of designer patterns from Rene Blooms including five lovely patterns for Photoshop.

More Photoshop Freebies

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