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Free Light Leak Photoshop Actions from Sivioco

Fun light leaks for Photoshop! Created by Sam Jones of Sivioco. Download them for free on FilterGrade.

Creating the perfect light leak or lomo effect in Photoshop is quite the challenge. Especially because you don’t always have the time to adjust your settings and make the leak look just right.

That’s why we teamed up with Sam Jones of Sivioco to create this fun, free set of light leak Photoshop Actions. Check out the other free light leaks he made, they’re amazing!

With this pack, you can quickly create stunning light leaks and analog film looks for your photos with the click of a button.

light leaks in Photoshop

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Free light leak Photoshop Actions from FilterGrade and Sivioco.

Free light leaks for Photoshop!

Light Leaks for Photoshop. Get the free download on FilterGrade!

Free lomo and light leak effects for Photoshop.

Authentic analog film light leaks and flares. Download the Photoshop Actions for free on FilterGrade.

This little pack of light leak Photoshop Actions includes:

  • 5 Unique Light Leaks
  • 1 Play All Action
  • Help Files & Support

These are so fun to use. Just open up a photo and click play to add a light leak. You’ll be amazed at the results.

For best use, we found that light leaks look great in bright, vibrant photos. The light blends well with the colors and can create some really interesting looks. Here is a bit more on how to use light leaks in your photography. Oh, and we have some helpful videos on our Youtube channel too. Finally, learn how to install Photoshop Actions here.

Click the download button below to get your free light leaks and start using them right away!

Download the Free Light Leak Actions!

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Free Light Leak Photoshop Actions from Sivioco and FilterGrade.

We hope you love the light leaks we put together. If you share them on Instagram or another site please tag #filtergrade and @filtergrade. We’d love to see how you use the light leak filters in your photos!

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