Free Natural Photoshop Actions by Mendesota

Free natural Photoshop Actions by creative photographer Mendesota.

Mendesota is a talented and creative photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He specializes in portraits with unique, natural scenes. Find more of his cool work on Instagram. Mendesota was kind enough to give away five free natural Photoshop Actions that represent his photo editing style. See before/after previews and download the free filters below. Then scroll down to read his interview!

free natural photoshop actions

free portrait photoshop actions

mendesota photoshop actions

mendesota photo editing style

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What would you say is your photography style and what led you to shoot that way?

My style is something that I try to keep far from conformity. Modern photography culture really pulls you in that way. I usually shoot portraiture in nature because that’s what I’m around almost daily, going to school at the zoo. and I like to stay true to myself My life doesn’t consist of running the city streets at sundown with beautiful girls… it just doesn’t. But when that event may happen I’m not saying I won’t have my camera with me.

glitch man

Where did you start taking pictures?

I started doing film photography in my ninth grade photography class and did my first photo shoot with my friend Simpson, a musician, about a year later.

Who influenced you to start taking pictures?

My biggest inspiration to start photography was SuperDuperBrick, the rapper Kyle’s best friend.


What is your camera of choice? Why?

I don’t seem to see any superiority in camera brand, but I first learned with Nikon and the controls are what I’m most comfortable with.

Where is your favorite place to take photos?

I love taking portraits in nature. As static and redundant as nature may seem, I find it really versatile for any kind of photography style.

leaf man

Explain how you set up a shot. What’s your process?

For most photos, setting up a shot isn’t something that is very organized for me. While out shooting I just kind of see something that I like, interact with it, and then shoot it. Unless I get an idea in my head that requires extensive set-up, most of my shots are impromptu.

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What’s one thing about your editing that is unique and true to you?

I find my editing to be very heavy and extensive, as well as right from brain. I just open Photoshop and start editing and after many revisions, trials, and attempts I call my project “done.”

glitch woman

What is your favorite subject to shoot and why? (nature, city, person, object?)

Portraits are my favorite subject because it’s the only thing that I can’t get sick of. There are so many pictures of the city and of the trees, I just can’t find as much enjoyment with photographing something that’s been shot thousands of times. With people, I find that even if the model has been photographed a lot  the shot can be very unique based on the pose, location, and edits.


Where do you get your ideas for photo shoots from?

I attempt to pull photo shoot ideas right from my head, and I try to create the most unique work possible while staying natural and true to myself.

Where do you hope to be with photography in one year?

In one year, I hope to have found myself in photography more than I have now. I want my drive and creativity to continue pushing me, and I want to be well established and comfortable with my work.

Hope you enjoyed Mendesota’s free natural Photoshop Actions and his interview. Support his work by checking out the links below. Download more free Photoshop Actions here.

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