FREE ‘Olivia’ Lightroom Presets (Mobile + Desktop)

FREE Olivia Lightroom Presets - Mobile Desktop - FilterGrade

It’s been quite awhile since we shared some FREE Lightroom Presets on the blog, but we figured that it’s time for a fresh new pack to help improve your edits!

Mobile photographers rejoice – this free Lightroom Preset pack contains 5 Portrait Lightroom Presets in .xmp (desktop) and .dng (mobile) format! Add beautiful styles to your photos with this free set.

Download the FREE ‘Olivia’ Lightroom Presets and see some of the previews below!

Olivia 1 - FREE FilterGrade Lightroom Presets - FilterGrade

These FREE Lightroom Presets were created to help you edit all of your summer portraits and lifestyle photos!

Olivia 5 - FREE FilterGrade Lightroom Presets - FilterGrade

Find 4 color styles and 1 black and white tone when you download the freebie today!


With this pack of FREE Lightroom Presets, you’ll have something to start with for all of your warm edits.


Manipulate these presets with your photos to create cool, film-like, glow effects for your portraits like the example above.

FREE ‘Olivia’ Lightroom Presets

The ‘Olivia’ Lightroom Presets pack is a free pack of Lightroom Presets containing 5 Lightroom Presets that are BOTH DESKTOP + MOBILE COMPATIBLE!

These Lightroom Presets were created by our co-founder, Matt Moloney, to help you with your photo editing for all of your summer, lifestyle edits.

Photographer: Matt Moloney Model: Olivia Carey

How to Use the FREE Lightroom Presets

To learn how to Install these FREE Mobile Lightroom Presets, check out our tutorial below:

Download the FREE Lightroom Presets pack below:

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