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21 Free Snowy Textures for Photographers

free snowy textures

With winter right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to stock up on free snowy textures! You can use them in so many unique ways to improve your photos. Today we put together our favorite free snow and ice textures for you to use in your photography and design projects.

Here are some ideas for how you could use the textures:

  • Use a snowy texture to add soft snowflakes to a wintry image.
  • Enhance backgrounds and depth in your photos with ice textures.
  • Add cold photography looks to your images.

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1. Snow Texture

free snowy textures

2. Shiver Texture

icy texture

3. Winter Texture

winter texture

4. Snowflakes


5. Glittery Snow

glittery snow

6. Ice Texture

ice texture

7. Ice Textures Pack

ice textures pack

8. Ice Textures Pack 2

ice textures pack 2

9. Watery Snow

watery snow texture

10. Snowstorm Texture

snowstorm texture

11. Swirling Blue Snow Texture

swirling blue snow texture

12. Sky & Snowflakes Texture

sky and snowflakes texture

13. Snow Drift Texture

snow drift texture

14. Ice Crystals

ice crystals

15. Frost Texture Photoshop Brushes

frost texture free photoshop brushes

16. Ice Texture

ice texture

17. Frozen Texture

frozen texture

18. DM Winter Texture


19. Icy Water Texture

icy water texture

20. Cracked Ice

cracked ice

21. Cold Frozen Texture

cold frozen texture

Thanks for reading and downloading some of the free snowy textures! If you are looking for more textures, check out our roundups of free sky textures, free vintage grunge textures, and free wood grain textures.

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