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We’re back with another freebie to help you get some cool effects on your photos! Today we put together some new tape overlays that are PERFECT for giving your work that scrapbook-feel. All of the tape overlays have been saved and .PNG files and are great for graphic design projects like posters, infographics, business marketing materials, and so much more! View all of our previews and download the FREE Tape Overlays Pack below. PLUS, be on the lookout for our Premium Tape Overlays Pack which will feature tons of different tape overlays featuring various colors, textures, shapes, and sizes!

What’s in the FREE Tape Overlays Pack?

In the FREE Tape Overlays Pack, you’ll get various duct tape and masking tape png’s to overlay on your photos for that scrap-book feel!

All of the tape overlays are made from real duct tape and masking tape and have been saved as .png files. These tape overlays are super easy-to-use, drag-and-drop elements perfect for using in Adobe Photoshop!

  • 8 Blue Masking Tape Overlays
  • 8 Duct Tape Overlays
  • Drag-and-Drop .png Files

Download the FREE Duct Tape & Masking Tape Overlays below:

These FREE tape overlays were created by Matt Moloney for use on all of your graphic design projects! Matt is also working on creating a full Tape Overlays pack featuring tons of different tapes featuring different colors, textures, and more! Leave a comment below if you’re looking forward to getting more Tape Overlays to play around with!

Not only are these FREE Tape Overlays great for adding to your photos, they are also perfect for creating poster design and scrapbook layouts! Create full designs and retro collages using these FREE Tape Overlays!

Check out the Authentic Tape Overlays Bundle with over 300+ PNGs!

Still Looking for More FREEBIES?

We’re the same way :) We love a good freebie and getting to play around and learn a new editing tool without having to spend any money!

Lucky for you, we have tons of FREE Lightroom Presets, Photo Overlays, and other editing elements on the blog! Check out some of our favorites below:

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    The only 2023 trend I care about

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