127+ Free Vintage Grunge Textures for Photographers

free vintage grunge textures for photographers

Textures are easily one of my favorite additions to a photography project. You can use them to add detail in the background, give some depth to your vignette, or even overlay a certain color or tone on your images.

In this post we gathered out favorite free vintage grunge textures for you to use in your projects.

Download a few and try them out, you might be vastly surprised by the results. If you need a bit of help getting started, check out this excellent tutorial on using textures in Photoshop from Digital Photography School.

Victorian Grunge Texture Pack

free victorian grunge texture

This great little high-res (3000px x 2000px) pack of Victorian grunge textures is great for photography backdrops and projects.

Grunge Textures Pack 01

grunge textures pack 01

Grunge textures are also great for vintage scratchy effects. This little set includes 6 of those in varying colors and shades.

Grunge Texture Package

free vintage grunge textures

The Grunge Package includes 4 massive speckled grungy textures for you to use. These look great for moodier photo shoots with dark tones.

Old Paper Vintage Textures

old paper textures free

Old Paper textures are usually the easiest to work with. As you can see they are useful in a variety of ways. You can use them to boost the noise, add some subtle imperfections, or go all out and dirty your image up.

Subtle Grunge Textures

free subtle grunge textures

Sometimes the best textures can be the subtle ones. They always work so well on skies and backdrops that need a little bit of detail. This pack includes 8 free subtle grunge textures.

Vintage Grunge Textures

vintage grunge textures free

This five pack includes various vintage grunge textures with unique gradients on them. These really come in handy for design projects and faded photos.

High Res Vintage Texture Pack

high res grunge textures

Find six high res. textures in this vintage grunge pack. I love this set because they make great borders and backgrounds.

Large Vintage Skies Textures

large skies textures vintage

This is by far my favorite free set of textures I’ve found to date. I absolutely love vintage scratches and distortions, so these work great to help replicate that on your photos. I also recommend checking out FilmStock if you want a bit more of those scratchy textures.

Free Grungy Textures

free grungy textures

These grungy textures are super intense, so use them cautiously. I think that’s also what makes them pretty cool. For the right project, these are sweet!

Vintage Grunge Background

vintage grunge background

Vintage grunge backgrounds are some of the best finds because they are so versatile. This particular texture could be used for a background, overlay, or even border if you split it up.

Vintage Paper Texture Pack

vintage paper texture pack

Paper textures are so subtle and light that they can be used on a massive range of photos. This set looks really clean and subtle, well worth downloading.

Vintage Grunge Pack 02

vintage grunge pack 02

Flowers overlay this set of grungy paper looking textures. I love the variety and ability to add some character to a photo with these.

Vintage Grunge Wallpaper

vintage grunge wallpaper free

Wallpapers are great, but vintage grunge wallpapers are even better. :D

Grunge Texture 01

grunge texture 01

Grunge textures like this come in handy when you want a few scratches or imperfections. Simply convert it to black and white, invert the texture, and then change the blend modes. See a few more quick Photoshop tips and ideas in our tutorials section.

Victorian Grunge Background

victorian grunge background

Another great Victorian style design here. This one is a bit more faded though, so it would work great for an overlay if you mask some parts of it out.

Yellow Grunge Texture

yellow grunge texture

This is a sharp yellow grunge texture. It comes in high res. detail at 2500px x 1648px.

Vintage Paper Texture Pack II

vintage paper texture pack 2

More paper textures to add to your collection of freebies! These have some subtle edges which work great for textured vignettes.

Vintage Writing Texture


This vintage writing texture is good for photo overlays and adding some tones to an image.

Grunge Textures Pack

grunge texture pack 2

These free grungy textures have a bit of a space vibe to them which looks amazing in backgrounds, backdrops, and intense skies.

Vintage Textures Pack

vintage texture pack

These vintage textures are a bit dirty so they are useful as an overlay or vignette addition.

9 Vintage Grunge Textures

free vintage grunge textures

High resolution grungy style textures from Naya Designs. Love the simplicity in these.

Vintage Wallpaper Textures

vintage wallpaper textures

Taken straight from a Victorian home, these vintage wallpapers are sure to fit your retro projects and photography works.

Vintage Texture Set

vintage texture set

A wide variety of vintage styles and wallpaper looking designs can be found in this little set we found. Worth trying a few out.

Old World Texture Pack

old world texture set

The Old World Texture Pack is an interesting little collection of blue textures taken directly from an old Christmas book.

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  1. Cool. Also, here are weathered wood textures that I just released that work great with vintage. https://alienia.com/free-weathered-wood-textures

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