Free Watermark Tools for Photos and Videos

Free Watermark Tools for Photos and Videos

Watermarking is an essential part of photo editing, but most watermarking tools require a subscription or a purchase. While many of these free watermark tools have a paid version with additional features, you can accomplish quite a bit with these free options.

You will be limited by how many photos you can process in a single batch, so by going the free route you will sacrifice time to save money! These tools are great for getting started with small quantities of photos. Cover photo by: Brad Neathery

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Why Should You Use Watermarks

Watermarks are useful for photographers and video producers because it means that there is an unerasable logo on all of your photos. When someone inevitably downloads your image and shares it on their own social media (either for malicious reasons or just to share your awesome art), a watermark means that the image can always be traced back to your brand. Find more photography logos here.

Without a watermark, someone else can put their own watermark on your image and claim it’s their own. A watermark is a piece of branding, and branding and marketing are extremely important to budding photographers.


free watermark lunapic

Lunapic is a totally free watermark tool, but it only allows for text watermarks. You can choose fonts, colors, and alignments. It also has built-in support for copyright and trademark symbols. There are no restrictions on how many photos you can upload, but there are no batch options since this editor features many different tools for photo adjustment. is great for photographers and videographers who have a small quantity of content. They let users with a free plan process only one file at a time, and only the first 30 seconds of a video. Their premium plan gets rid of all restrictions. The paid version also has tools for creating a watermark in the website’s editor. For the free plan, you will need to already have a watermark created.

My Watermarks

my watermarks free

My Watermarks is a free mobile app with a cool feature that lets you import your handwriting and hand-drawn image, and process it as a watermark to later put on your photos. You can have a library of multiple watermarks and adjust their sizes on each image.

Add Watermark on Photos

Add Watermark is a great free app for mobile devices that offers a lot of features. You can create your own watermark or you can import an existing image. The free version lets you process a batch of 5 photos at once, but the paid version lets you process unlimited photos in a single batch. It supports tiling, precise positioning, and copyright symbols.


watermarktool free

Watermarktool is a simple solution for adding your pre-made logos to photos. The only downside is that there is a 200kb file size upload limit. By paying for the service, you can upload images up to 10mb. All in all, the interface is incredibly basic and straightforward. Just upload the image and upload the watermark!


Watermarkly is a free tool with some limitations. It does allow for batch-editing up to 50 photos at once in their desktop app, however, a Watermarkly logo will be added to your images. If you purchase a paid version, you can watermark up to 50,000 images at once without the Watermarkly logo. If time is of the essence and you have a lot of photos, using the free version of this app may be the way to go.


While Canva is primarily a free graphic design tool, you can easily add watermarks to your photos. Canva supports image transparency so you can easily add in your image, add in your watermark image, and even create a reusable template that will make future editing easy!

Do you watermark your photos before putting them on your portfolio or Instagram? If so, let us know in the comments what tools you use, and whether they’re free or paid! Looking for more premium options? Check out photo overlays where you can find photographer logos and watermark templates!

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