29 Free Wood Grain Textures for Photographers

free wood grain textures for photographers

Wood textures are often overlooked, but can be a great resource to photographers and designers. Simply overlaying one of the photos below and playing around with it can help you create so many cool looks.

Here are some ideas for how you could use the textures:

  • Use a wood texture to add a slight filmy grain to your image.
  • Enhance backgrounds and depth in your photos.
  • Add wooden grain for vintage and retro styles quick.

In this post, we put together a bunch of interesting and free wood grain textures for photographers and designers to use in their projects! Don’t forget to pin this post for later!

1. Wood Panel Grain Texture

wood grain

2. Marbly Wood Grain Texture

marbly wood grain texture

3. Ashy Wood Grain Texture

ashy wood grain texture

4. Dusty Wood Texture

dusty wood texture

5. Red Mahogany Wood Texture

red mahogany wood texture

6. Frayed Wood Grain Texture

frayed free wood texture

7. Light Grain Wooden Panel

light wood grain texture

8. Wood Texture Pack

free wood grain textures

9. Dirty Wood Grain Texture

dirty wood grain

10. Wooden Grain 01

wooden grain

11. Layered Wooden Grain

layered wooden grain

12. Wooden Grain 02

wooden grain textures

13. Grey Grain Wood Texture

grey wood grain

14. Subtle Wood Texture

subtle wood texture

15. Green Wood Texture

green wood texture

16. Wooden Grain 03

free wood textures for photographers

17. Wooden Grain 04

wood grain

18. Marbled Wooden Texture

marbled wood texture

19. Dark Grey Wood Texture

dark grey wood texture

20. Wood Grain

wood grain

21. Dead Wood Texture

dead wood texture

22. Textured Wood Grain

textured wood grain

23. Wood Texture Package

free wood texture pack

24. Wooden Grain 05

grainy wood texture

25. Wood Grain Angled

angled wood texture

26. Abstract Wood Grain Texture

abstract wood texture

27. Wooden Grain 06


28. Violet Grain Texture

violet grain texture

29. Cedar Wood Grain

cedar wood texture

Thanks for reading and downloading some of the free wood grain textures! If you are looking for more textures, check out our roundups of free sky textures and free vintage grunge textures.

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