Fuji Pro 400h Film Discontinued

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Another sad day in the film community….

Fujifilm announces that they will be discontinuing their Fuji Pro400h film stock.

Just the other day, Fujifilm announced on their website that they will be discontinuing their Pro 400h film stock. In their statement, they cited the reason being that Fuji Pro 400h requires, ‘specialized raw materials and chemicals.’

Fujifilm noted that sourcing the raw materials is becoming extremely difficult and they’ll no longer be able to produce this film stock. The discontinuation will be for both 35mm and 120 formats.

This is not the first discontinuation we have seen in the recent past. And for film photographers everywhere, it’s beginning to raise the question, ‘are we in trouble for the near future?’

Just two years ago, in October 2018, Fujifilm discontinued their Neopan 100 Acros Black & White film stock. Interestingly enough, they brought it back in June 2019 as a new ‘Neopan 100 Across II’. So are we in for another updated film stock soon with Fujifilm Pro 400h? Or is this really a discontinued film stock?

Another film stock that was brought back in 2018, in March, was Kodak’s P3200 black & white film stock.

It all brings up so many questions… is film dying? or is film still alive?

Who knows, only time will tell.

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