9 Go-To Styles for Male Models

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Finding ideas for photo shoots can be hard sometimes, especially when you’re working with male models. Styling male models, for me, is always harder than working with females just because they tend to have more boundaries and less options than female models.

Regardless, males can be fun to work with and provide many different looks. So be bold and go for some wild looks; don’t be afraid to work outside the box with a male model and push the limits on “what normal men should wear.”

Whether you’re looking up inspiration for your next photoshoot, look-book, or project, let’s take a look at some of the top go-to styles for male models.

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1. Next On the Forbes List


Forbes List (1)- Top 10 Go-To Styles for Male Models- FilterGrade Blog

Ever dream of being a millionaire, walking around dropping dollar bills and not even worrying about it? That’s what I’m going for with this look. A fine, well- tailored suit with a nice skinny tie, or maybe some well-fitting khakis and a high-end polo shirt, who knows?

But whatever outfit you go with, just remember the idea is to portray success, enterprise, and that, “damn, I’m finally here” moment.

2. Wake Up

For your next style, work with your model to give them an early morning, tired feeling with some saggy, half-closed eyes and some detailed, striped pajamas. Don’t go to sleep, let alone wake up, wearing just any night wear, rise and shine in your best stripes and fabrics, because at the end of the day, comfort comes before anything.

This may not fit for all situations, but it’s an option, and a cozy one at that. It can provide a new look with new perspective and feeling – rather than just changing the outfit, change the whole time of day and mood.

3. Just Do You

This one is for the people that may not know modeling as well as others. This will allow your model to relax and truly be themselves.

Sometimes, especially when taking photos with new models, you’ll notice some acting like there is a camera around. Quite frankly it’s because there is a camera, so it is understandable, but a well-experienced model (and photographer) know that that’s not always the look you want to get. But instead, try to capture the true character and emotion of a person, rather than just taking a photo of them acting out a certain emotion.

Which brings me back to the main reason of calling this “Just Do You” – because when you style someone (or even let them style themselves) to make them feel comfortable, rather than to make a ceratin look on them that may not fit them well, the whole scene will come together to provide a perfect setting to capture true feeling.

4. 96°

96°(1)- Top 10 Go-To Styles for Male Models- FilterGrade Blog

96°- Top 10 Go-To Styles for Male Models- FilterGrade Blog

The sun is out and the city is hotter than ever, but you still have work. Slip on some cool summertime shorts or cropped pants and your flyest button up shirt because it’s 96° out.

This is a great summer look for guys and it’s a nice excuse to show some skin! Also, don’t forget, sometimes when you are working on a project or shoot, raw looks where models are having fun and relaxing, being themselves, provides for better work than if you are forcing the shoot, styling every detail and placing everyone in a certain position where they can’t even move.

5. Not Feminine. Personal.

This look is for the guys out there that wear women’s clothing as a personal statement and also a fashion statement. Not only is this a personal favorite of mine, but I think it is becoming much more common and much more interesting.

In the past, females have worn men’s clothing, so why shouldn’t men be allowed to do the same? Personally I couldn’t see myself wearing a dress, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t wear any women’s clothing. I think women have incredible fabrics on their clothing and much more detail than men’s clothing which is what draws me to them so much.

If you’d like to start off small with this look, try something like the picture above. By adding some width to the opening of your pants, you add a beauty touch and I personally think it is a great look to attract eyes and feel free.

6. I Used To Think We’d Make It

I Thought We Would Make It(3)- Top 10 Go-To Styles for Male Models- FilterGrade Blog

I Thought We Would Make It(2)- Top 10 Go-To Styles for Male Models- FilterGrade Blog

This look is Poetic. Romantic. Emotional.

When I put this phrase into a style or a look, I want my male model to portray a sad, truly emotional look. This is not a happy feeling, and we’re not trying to hide that. We want to show that feeling and make sure it looks right while doing so.

Using blacks, reds, whites, grays, dark blues, and colors like these will bring your feeling to life and compliment the model’s depressed, cold emotion.

7. “Grab Me a Pack of Swishers and a Fanta” (Bodega)

Bodega- Top 10 Go-To Styles for Male Models- FilterGrade Blog

Think Harlem, late 90’s – early 2000’s, Nike Cortex, or some Air Force 1’s with something light. Throw on a colored track suit or a minimal hoodie and sweatpants combo with some steez for when you go out to grab a piece of pizza and a sprite at the bodega.

This style is simple, but is filled with swag. Real hip-hop swag. Real fashion. Real New York type shit. Don’t ever forget your roots and make sure you stay cozy when you’re on the block..

8. Coloring Book

Coloring Book 1 - Top 10 Go-To Styles for Male Models- FilterGrade Blog

Coloring Book - Top 10 Go-To Styles for Male Models- FilterGrade Blog

This next style is for the guys that can pull off color, bold patterns, and wild looks, and not just a little bit. I’m talking bright and popping like Takashi Murakami. This is always an awesome look to pull off with a male model. It’s unique, it’s fun, and it’s raw, with real emotion.

When you get a male model to drop his masculine edge and let himself go, with beautiful colors and a natural feel, you can create an amazing look that you won’t find just anywhere.

9. Wisdom Comes to Those Who Live

Wisdom Comes With Life - FilterGrade Blog

The last look we have on our list of go-to styles for male models is a little bit more complex, and not every model will be able to pull this off. It takes time, it takes work, it takes grit.

Not everyone has wisdom, and there’s a reason for that – not everyone lives to their full potential. However, for those that do live; I mean really live life, and learn knowledge through struggle and error, you may have enough wisdom and edge to pull off this look.

I wouldn’t even say that this is a confidence look either, because it’s not. It’s more than that, and if you are really wise, you can spot the difference between confidence and wisdom.

Thanks for reading our 9 go-to styles for male models, we hope you enjoyed the article and gained some inspiration!

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