What Can You Learn from These 5 Great Marketing Videos?

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Photo by Jakob Owens

Back at the beginning of June, we talked about a host of subtle techniques top startups use in their marketing videos – but what do these things actually look like beyond the theory? Well – prepare to see.

The following 5 marketing videos come from a real mixed-bag of companies – ranging from small to huge. Some of them are exquisitely produced, others are done on a more modest budget – but one thing’s certain; they’re extremely effective.

Here’s a consumer psychology look over those videos – grab a notepad, there’s plenty you can learn and apply to your own marketing videos…

Purple’s ‘Raw Egg Test’

Image courtesy: Purple

See Purple’s Raw Egg Test Video here

I find myself watching this video in its entirety every time I click play – and it’s because Purple just get so much right.

Rule 1 of video marketing club:

Grab your audience’s attention quickly.

And boy, do Purple do exactly that. Within the first 10 seconds you’ve got:

  • Mystery: What’s going on here?!
  • Humor: This is Goldilocks reviewing beds with raw eggs
  • A question: “What’s a super easy way to tell that your bed is AWFUL?”

Statistics say that if someone gets through the first 10 seconds of your video, they’re far more likely to watch the whole thing. The above factors, twinned with some neat editing and smart visuals, means you’re highly unlikely to be clicking away.

When you do continue to engage, you’re treated to a funny, educational video that teaches you a fair amount about mattresses, your spine – and the impact both have on your health. Thus, Purple scratch up another big win by creating meaningful value for their potential customers (and winning a ton of trust by doing so) – and they don’t lose any credibility by asking for your business at the end either – just more information about how their product and service works.

University of Sydney ‘Explore the University in 360’

Image courtesy: The University of Sydney

Experience the University of Sydney in 360° here

You can’t turn a corner on the internet without someone telling you how important value-lead content is when you’re marketing your products or services – and as far as unique content goes, the University of Sydney delivers.

If you’re looking for a university, the content is valuable – and it’s incredibly cool, which means it’s absolutely going to be shared far and wide. Creating ‘authority’ content is the key to delivering marketing that people trust – and it doesn’t get more authoritative than being virtually guided around the campus, with students telling you about the place.

Heineken ‘Open Your World, Worlds Apart’

Picture courtesy: Heineken

See the Worlds Apart video here

In a world that’s starkly divided over a huge number of issues, it’s hard for a brand to sit on the fence and hope that customers of all viewpoints keep using their service – but Heineken has hit a number of issues head-on in this campaign; and come out winning.

Feminism, gender, and climate change – they’re topics that can stir up opinion and emotion in virtually everyone, and yet, Heineken handles a variety of views sensitively and without bias.

In 4 minutes and 25 seconds, you’ve been given a moving glimpse into the lives of 6 people – and not once been given any call-to-action from the beer maker. Marketing with constant calls-to-action is a fairly blunt and short-lived tool, whereas memorable marketing campaigns like these build brand awareness and continue to influence customers on a subconscious level for a very long time…

HubSpot – The ShoreTel Story

Picture courtesy: HubSpot

See the HubSpot ShoreTel video here

Fancy reading a 3-page case-study testimonial about how a brand identified an internal company need, sought a new product and went on to purchase something that met that need?

No, me either.

The thing is though, if you’re a decision-maker in a business, you might have to roll your sleeves up and jump into this kind of information, which is what makes this HubSpot marketing video something special.

It delivers an incredible customer testimonial that is relatable, real and 100% credible and authentic. In fact, HubSpot isn’t even mentioned until around 2 minutes in. Create this kind of trust and value – and customers will do the rest of the work themselves.

Maersk Line ‘Day of the Seafarer’

Picture courtesy: Maersk Line

See the ‘Day of the Seafarer’ video here

There are many beautiful things in this world – but for most people, shipping containers and the enormous ships they spend their lives on won’t feature on that list.

It’s precisely this reason Maersk Line’s marketing video is so special. There are beautifully framed shots, real people, real stories – and a big portion of brand awareness – all wrapped up in around 67 seconds.

The message is this; video doesn’t have to be a huge, sprawling 10-minute feature to deliver a solid impression. Grab your audience’s attention early, deliver a personable message with some strong visuals – and you can imprint your brand’s message on brains for a long time to come…

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