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Do you have some cool stories worth sharing? or some interesting tutorials we may not have thought of? If so, you should submit a guest blog post to us! We’re always looking for cool new stories, tips & tricks, freebies, and more to share with our audience of over 1 million users. Find out more on what we are looking for below.

Alongside our marketplace, producing high-quality content is one of our top priorities at FilterGrade. Some of you may have noticed that we have begun hiring more writers to help take our content to the next level. Now, we’re looking for you to help us out! We’ve now opened up submissions for guest articles and topic ideas of any kind and would love to have you on board. We’re currently accepting article submissions and topic ideas of any kind relating to photography, videography, general tutorials, news, business, and more! We have also included a list of content below that we are looking for to help you out.

What We’re Looking For

  • Personal Stories
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Tutorials
  • News Stories
  • Technique & Strategy Pieces
  • Behind the Scenes (video with text writeup)

Why Guest Blog?

If you’re looking to get your stories and photos in front of hundreds of thousands of people then you need to start guest posting now! Not only will your work reach a wider audience, but guest blogging will fit as great work experience to lead you into your net venture! Not only will your work speak for itself, but we will also include your ‘Author Information’ in every guest article that you write for us! After guest posting for some time, you’ll begin to start gaining valuable traffic to your own site and your name will become more recognized in the community.

Submitting Guest Posts

Our highest priority when creating content for our blog or YouTube channel is quality. We strive to ensure that our content is always 100% original, unique, and engaging, and our guest writers should be the same.

The quickest way to have your article published on FilterGrade would be to submit a complete article with included images (larger than 700 px) and your author information. When submitting, all content must be 100% original and owned by yourself. This means that what you are submitting to FilterGrade as a guest post may not be used anywhere else including your own website or blog. If you are using photos that are not yours we will need permission before we can use them in your article. There is no word limit for guest articles and we encourage you to share as much as you would like.

If you have taken the time to submit an idea or write an article and submit it to us, we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner. We reserve the right to edit, add to, or shorten anything that is submitted.

Submission Should Include

  • Email Subject: ‘FilterGrade Guest Post Submission – Author Name’
  • Article Title (Capture the reader’s attention)
  • Author Information – 2-3 sentences about you
  • The Article or Story

Please send all guest blog posts, article ideas, and other submissions or questions to


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