Hasselblad Introduces the X1D II 50C

Hasselblad X1D II 50C

Today Hasselblad introduced the second generation X1D medium format digital camera, the X1D II 50C. With dramatic user interface improvements and a lower price, the X1D II is sure to catch plenty of people’s attention. Especially as competition heats up with Fujifilm.

  • X1D II 50C has an MSRP of € 5000 / $ 5750 / £ 4500 excl. VAT. Delivery in July 2019. Available to order immediately. Pre-order on Adorama →

  • Enlarged 3.6-inch touch display and an enhanced EVF, with faster live view refresh rate

  • Sync and work on the go using the Phocus Mobile 2 app and iPad Pro.

Significant Improvements

In their press release, Hasselblad shares that they are: “Dedicated to optimising the X System for a wider audience of creatives, Hasselblad has listened to user feedback and improved upon the first generation with enhanced electronics for a quicker and more intuitive medium format experience.”

The X1D II features a large, high resolution 50-megapixel CMOS sensor (43.8 x 32.9 mm) that is 1.7 times larger than 35mm full format sensors, packing in huge pixels (5.3 x 5.3 μm). Hasselblad uses its Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) technology integrated into the camera’s system for exceptional, true-to-life tones that match what the human eye sees.

Supports both 16-bit RAW images and now full resolution JPEGs, in a compact, lightweight design. The upgraded X1D also includes a higher resolution 3.6-inch 2.36-million-dot touch display, which is physically the largest LCD display currently available on a digital medium format camera. The new model also features a higher resolution enhanced OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 3.69-million dots and magnification of 0.87x. Rear display screen is also 1024 x 768 px resolution for a better viewing experience.

hasselblad user interface (HUI)

Photo: Hasselblad

One of the most significant improvements comes to the user interface and overall usability for the X1D. Hasselblad shares: “The X1D II 50C’s live view features a faster refresh rate, reduced shutter lag and black out time between frames, an improved continuous capture rate, and a startup time cut almost in half from the first generation. Building upon the highly-intuitive Hasselblad User Interface (HUI) of the previous model, further refinements have been made to the X1D II 50C to improve the camera’s handling experience, including the ability to access the menu system when looking in the EVF, giving greater usability in the sunniest conditions.”

Sample Photos

Selected sample photos taken with the new Hasselblad X1D II 50C.

Hasselblad X1D II 50C sample portrait

Photo: FLORA BORSI for Hasselblad

Hasselblad X1D II 50C sample photo

Photo: ANNA DEVÍS & DANIEL RUEDA for Hasselblad

sample photo Hasselblad X1D II

Photo: Hasselblad

x1d ii hasselblad sample landscape photo

Photo: Hasselblad

Pricing and Availability

The X1D II 50C has an MSRP of € 5000 / $ 5750 / £ 4500 excl. VAT. Delivery in July 2019. Available to order immediately. Pre-order on Adorama →

The XCD 3,5-4,5/35-75 Zoom Lens has an MSRP of € 4500 / $ 5175 / £ 4050 excl. VAT. Estimated delivery in October 2019. Ordering information will be released shortly before.

Phocus Mobile 2 can be downloaded free of charge by Hasselblad users starting in July 2019.

The CFV II 50C and 907X product information details, including pricing and availability, will be announced later in the year.

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      Agreed 100%, wish I could afford those right now. SO tempting.

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