How to Create and Sell Watercolor Clipart

How to Create & Sell Watercolor Clipart - FilterGrade

Creating realistic watercolor clipart can be done in tons of different ways. You have the option of either uploading a painting done on a physical canvas or painting from scratch using digital platforms that give your photograph the watercolor effect. 

To create your watercolor clipart, you can easily employ either of these options. However, if you’re an artist who would prefer to market and sell their artwork online, creating your clipart from scratch in a digital program is a better option.

Doing this saves you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend taking pictures and editing to get it to near perfection compared to the original. To facilitate this creation, you can use a digital app that will provide all the necessary resources. One of the best tools to use for your watercolor clipart is the ProCreate app.  

The Procreate Painting App

Procreate is your best resource mainly because its design allows for the creation of incredible digital pieces of art. It features built-in tools that help you customize your work to your liking.

One of these tools being Procreate brush studio. It facilitates the creation of an artist’s perfect brushes. The best thing is that you also have the option of getting those created by other artists available both for free and at a premium fee.  

They have also recently introduced the use of digital cameras to take pictures of the colors you want to use. These colors get converted to mimic their real-life appearance allowing you to work with a unique color palette. 

This app also ensures that you have full control over your artwork and the final results by providing the option to customize the brushes you use. 

Procreate is a resource that works for both beginners and pros for making watercolor clipart. It is relatively easy to use given that there’s ready access to incredible tools and the ability to edit by just tapping your screen. We highly recommend the Procreate app for its convenience and useful features that overshadow other choices. 

Using Procreate Brushes for Your Watercolor Clipart

As discussed earlier, Procreate allows you to either create your unique brushes or download those that have been created by other artists. 

If you’ve chosen to work with brushes created by other artists, accessing them after your download is easy. Procreate features a useful menu made up of all your painting tools and resources. Your downloaded brushes will be accessible through this menu that also allows you to customize your digital artwork experience.

You get to duplicate your brushes to better edit them without having to reinstall the original when needed. Editing your paint brushes allows you to tweak them to your desired taste and get the best effects.

As you adjust the different settings, there’s a handy tool that demonstrates how your edits translate on your brush stroke. This makes it easier to create and work with a paintbrush of your choice.

When working with these brushes, you have the option of renaming them after duplication to make it easier when it comes to creating your artwork. Categorizing them and keeping them organized is also made easy using this paint tool menu. 

The brushes featured vary and come in different types. They include ink, quill brushes, traditional brushes. 

When it comes to choosing your canvas, you have the option of changing the background color and also the texture to mimic that of a real canvas. You also have the option of changing your paint color by selecting from the vast array of colors provided in the app. 

If you’re a beginner, it is better to work with free brushes and experiment with the different adjustment settings. This will help you gain better control of your brush strokes with consistent practice. Keep in mind that the result will be affected by various things that include pressure applied, speed used, and also the thickness of your brushes.  

Digitizing Watercolor Art

Digitizing your watercolor art can be done in different ways depending on your mode of work. It is all a matter of preference. Here are the different methods to digitize watercolor artwork. 


If you’re working with a painting done on a physical canvas, taking clear photos of your artwork will have to be your main goal. You’ll need to use quality equipment like a good digital camera that features a good resolution to get a better translation of the painting.

If you don’t have access to a digital camera, a good phone camera can also get the job done. 

As you take your photos, be sure to employ some photography best practices to ensure that your photographs turn out well. Make sure that you highly depend on natural light for your photo and avoid working with your painting exposed to direct sunlight.

Using a white card is also a great idea. It will help even out the light. Once you have your camera and light situation sorted, take overhead photos of your painting. Be sure to be as careful as possible to avoid having any problems when editing once uploaded.


Scanning is a great method to digitize your paintings. It offers the confidence that your art will feature even light exposure with the details appearing better.

If you’re not so sure about your photography skills or have no confidence in the quality of your camera, then this is the next best thing. Scanning your painting will give you a high resolution and capture it at the best angle. 

Using a Digital Platform to Create Watercolor Clipart

With the advancement of digital platforms and the dozens of resources, it is now easier to create your artwork digitally from scratch. This helps you cut out the processes included in uploading physical artwork. The most popular apps include illustrator, Procreate, and Photoshop.

Some apps like Procreate are created and designed to facilitate your artwork creation process. However, Photoshop also works well. It is an incredible resource for adding some final touches after uploading your physical painting. It helps you with editing your piece to help enhance its appearance in comparison with the original.

Editing on Photoshop 

Photoshop is a great editing tool that comes with a wide variety of options to choose from. However, when it comes to editing watercolor, it is vital to keep in mind that the less the edits the better. This will help the watercolor remain as realistic and natural as possible without looking too artificial.

Watercolor edits will only require you to make some saturation and brightness adjustments. This will help color correct the artwork and bring it as close as possible to its former glory. 

Depending on the skill and accuracy employed when taking photos, you’ll find that some might be a bit dull after being uploaded. On the other hand, scanned artwork may also suffer from too much light saturation. It all boils down to the artwork itself, the equipment used and the level of skill applied. 

When editing in photoshop, adjust the brightness, tweak the contrast to get it closer to the original, and make adjustments to the saturation. Pay attention to your original art piece and work toward bringing your uploaded clipart as close to that as you can.

Where to Sell Your Clipart

After digitizing your beautiful pieces of art, the next step is to find a suitable home for them. The best way to do this is by selling them at a set price to ensure that you get paid for all the work you’ve put in. However, the question remains, how do I get the right buyers? 

Well, the good thing is that there are five major platforms to consider for all your watercolor clipart. These platforms will expose your artwork to the right people and help you get the sales you’re aiming for. These five platforms include:


If you are looking to sell your art fast and for a great commission, FilterGrade is looking for new sellers on their platform!  It can be tough to establish yourself as a go-to seller on many of these platforms, as they are saturated with competition, but FilterGrade has the golden ratio of having a large audience (over 250,000 users), while small enough to get your name out there and get free traffic to your art. if you are serious about starting to sell art online, apply now before it’s saturated with too much competition!


Shutterstock will provide the necessary license to ensure that you get your deserved royalties. It allows you to create a free seller shop and facilitates your payments each time your watercolor clipart gets downloaded.    

Adobe Stock

Adobe stock is another great resource for artists that comes with amazing and useful features. This platform allows you to have a license that is under your full control. This means that with each sale, you’re guaranteed royalties.

It also offers you the chance to create your portfolio for free to display your work. The best part is that with this platform, getting your pieces in front of different people from around the world is very easy. It is made possible by the availability of the various Adobe cloud apps.  


This is a platform that helps support the creative arts by providing the perfect space for them to connect with ideal customers. It is an online marketplace that caters to people globally. Selling your watercolor clipart on this platform is easy given that they feature a very easy to use interface with clear instructions.

As a seller, all you have to do is create your virtual shop. For this, the only charge that applies is the fee required when posting your products. Other charges only come into play after you have made a sale. These charges include payment processing, payment transaction, and advertising fees.    

Creative Market 

This platform is quite similar to Etsy in that it allows you to create your shop where you can showcase the pieces of artwork you’re selling. It caters to creative entrepreneurs to help push their creative works further. The best thing about the creative market is that it helps reduce the stresses that come with any sales. They help handle your marketing, transactions, and distribution aspects. 

How to Earn Money Selling Your Clipart

As you work on creating the best watercolor clipart, you need to remember that the end goal is to sell it for a good profit. It means that you need to create something that your customers want or need.

What you want to create from your point of view may unfortunately not translate into that many sales. Do some research and find out what customers are looking for while paying attention to the recent trends. Also, ask yourself what the uses of your artwork are and of what benefit it is to your customer. It will give you a unique and better selling point. 

Working to ensure that your portfolio is well organized and easy for customers to scroll through is essential. Try your level best to make it easier for clients to locate the particular pieces they are searching for. It will make them more inclined to purchase from you given that you’ve saved their time. 

The other most important aspect is to make sure that people know about you, what you do, and where they can find your work. It is the best way to ensure that you get a consistent flow of clients to your shop. The best way to do this is to market yourself and your artwork. 

The best part is that we live in a digital age where marketing has shifted. You can conveniently market your products yourself. With the help of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, you can easily let people in on your creative process.

These platforms provide the perfect place to engage with your followers. It makes it easier for them to learn about what you do and market your artwork on their specific platforms. 

Other platforms like Skillshare and Youtube also provide you the perfect opportunity to promote yourself and build your brand. With these platforms, creating informative content is extremely useful for you. It helps establish you as a knowledgeable expert in your field and makes people trust your work more. 


When creating and digitizing magnificent watercolor clipart, there are different options that you can work with. Take your time to experiment with different approaches and settle on what works for you. 

To sell your artwork, be sure to aim at getting to the right people and creating pieces that they would want to invest in. As you keep on growing with more customers and experience, an app such as Procreate is a very useful tool for handling tons of orders, but you may also go the route of selling at a high price for hand-painted clipart. Have fun as you discover what works best for you. 

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