How to Filter by Unread in Gmail

How to Filter by Unread in Gmail

Are you trying to figure out how to filter your emails by unread in Gmail?

On the desktop app, there used to be a filter on the top left that let you quickly filter by Unread, Important, and some other settings. Now it’s a little harder to find, but it still works the same way.

Here’s a quick article about how to filter emails and messages by unread in Gmail, for both desktop and the mobile app. This tutorial also covers some productivity tips to help you manage email and get more done! Cover photo credit: Patrick Amoy

How to: Filter by Unread in Gmail on Desktop

1. Click the settings icon in the top right.

gmail settings

2. Look towards the bottom of the list under ‘Inbox Types’.

inbox density settings in gmail

3. Filter by: Default, Important first, Unread first, Starred first, and some other options.

filter unread first in gmail

Pro Tip: Select ‘Unread first’ and set your inbox to ‘Compact’ 

How to: Filter by Unread in Gmail on Mobile (iPhone App)

1. Open your gmail app and click the menu icon in the top left. Then scroll down all the way to the bottom to find the settings icon.

settings in gmail mobile iphone app

2. Once you click settings, you’ll see a list of all the accounts you’re signed into at the top. Select the account you want to use.

select account mobile iphone app for gmail

3. You’ll be brought to a longer list of settings, scroll down until you find Inbox > Inbox Type. Click the options.

inbox type settings on gmail mobile app iphone

4. Select Unread First to show all unread messages in the Gmail iPhone app first. You can also sort your inbox by Starred First, Priority, and just Default.

filter by unread emails on Gmail mobile iphone app

More Productivity Tips for Gmail

Getting through email isn’t always easy, but sometimes it can be helpful to utilize Gmail’s advanced settings to make it slightly easier. Here are a few little settings you can change based on your preferences to work more efficiently.

Change Email Density

Do you need large email previews with icons for attachments and images? Or would you prefer to have a compact inbox? You can choose with the email density settings. Use a compact inbox to see more emails in the main view.

gmail quick settings

You can access these settings by clicking the same settings icon in the top right. It’s the first section and you can choose from Default, Comfortable, and Compact.

Turn Nudges Off

Annoyed by the nudges in Gmail? You can turn them off by going to Settings > General > scroll down to Nudges. Then uncheck the settings for suggesting emails to follow up on and/or reply to.

turn off nudges gmail

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