How to Get Rid of Perspective Grid in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator features a perspective grid. This grid helps in creating 3D images that utilize perspective to give a sense of scale and dimension. It lets users define “vanishing points” that enable accurate 3D art. The grid won’t be visible in your final product, but you might want to get rid of the grid if you’re creating a two-dimensional graphic or are getting distracted by it.

How to Remove the Perspective Grid in Illustrator

  • Click on the View menu from the top of the application.
  • Click on Perspective Grid.
  • Click on Hide Grid.
  • If you’d like to turn it back on, follow the same steps and it will be changed to Show Grid. Simply click on this toggle again.

Other Perspective Grid Options

There are a few other Perspective Grid settings you can change while you’re here.

If you want to get a better sense of distance and measurement, you can turn on Show Rulers in order to overlay numbers on the grid.

Turning on Snap to Grid will snap items to the grid to make alignment of elements easier.

Lock Grid will lock the position of the Perspective Grid regardless of what other changes you make.

You can also select One-Point, Two-Point, or Three-Point Perspective to get different types of layouts.

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