How to Promote Your Digital Products Effectively

How to Promote Your Digital Products Effectively - FilterGrade

When it comes to selling online, setting up an eCommerce store or digital storefront is an easy process that just about anyone can undertake. But, when it comes to digital products like Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, Motion Graphics Templates and so on, a simple storefront isn’t going to get your much attention. You need to know how to draw the right audience to your products. How can you successfully promote your digital products? Below you will find the most effective ways to get more attention and build more excitement around your digital products.

6 Effective Ways to Promote Digital Products

1. Find Your Audience

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Selling a digital product requires a great deal of consideration of who you are selling your products to. Knowing your audience is key in effectively marketing and will determine where you place your marketing efforts. Understanding who your audience is will allow you to cater to your advertisements and product packaging specifically to capture their attention. Often times, this easily done as those looking to buy digital products like Lightroom presets and motion graphic templates already fall into a specific target audience. It really just comes down to refining the audience to a clear niche. Once you identify who your products will benefit the most you can begin to promote and attract those individuals.

2. Social Media

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Through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter you can promote and get audiences excited in new products you are about to release. Through these sites, you can build your own unique brand and increase your online presence. You can also give a sneak peek into how your products work, what can be done with them, and create excitement around your product. In order to effectively use social media as a way to promote your digital products you need to not only encourage others to engage with what you post but you also have to engage with others as well. You have to focus on building a personal presence and not just using the platform as a way to just market. Your audience will be more interested in what you have to offer it you show that you are interested in them. 

If you decide to sell your products through a social media platform, keep in mind some platforms have strict policies about what you can offer for sale on their site. You may not be able to create an advertisement for your digital products as some sites require you to only advertise physical products. This may not apply to digital products if you are selling templates, memberships, or licenses to the work you may still be able to advertise here. But these are still ideal options to help promote and gain interest in the digital product you have to offer.

3. Blogging

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If you don’t have a blog you are missing out on prime digital retail. Blogs are some of the most effective ways to get more attention to what you offer. You can also reach out to established blogs that have an audience that would be interested in your product. You can send them a free version and they might give it a review, or ask to do a guest post. In order to best utilize the form of promotion is to have a blog of your own that can be linked back to. This can allow you to significantly grow your own audience through a much faster process. Having your own blogs gives you more freedom to promote your products they way you want to and you can easily share your posts across other social platforms.

4. Pay Per Click Advertisements vs. Cost Per Thousand Impressions

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Pay per click advertisements can be a highly effective way to promote your digital products but they can also require some initial investment. You will want to thoroughly research the right keywords and spend adequate time optimizing your launch campaign. Pay per click advertisement charge you for each time your ad is actually clicked on so you want to find keywords that will gain a look of views but that also have low rates when clicked on.

An alternative to pay per click advertisements is cost per thousand impressions. These types of adds focus more on bringing awareness to your brand or line of products. Cost per thousand impressions sets a rate for every thousand views your ad receives. It can be ideal to begin your campaign with a cost per impression advertisements to determine the most effective way to use pay per click advertisements.

5. Freebies and Snippets

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Freebies and snippets are the gifts that keep on giving. Giving away a sample or trial period of your product can nudge potential buyers towards loyal customers. Letting your audience have something for free is a way you can build trust and gain more attention. This doesn’t have to be a high-value product, though you can offer something of high quality for a limited time, but it does have to be something of value and that will interest the user enough to keep coming back for future products

6. Website

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A professional website is the number one way you can build your credibility and provide a secure place for visitors to make purchases. In order to successfully sell your digital products, you want to let your audience know who you are and what value you can bring them. Your website is where you can give more details about your products, provide reviews, showcase your product in use or subscription options. Your website can incorporate a number of promotional channels such as feature a blog, have an online cart, landing pages, tutorials and more.

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