How to Share Lightroom Presets

If you edited an image so perfectly that you can’t help but show everyone, this is how to share Lightroom presets. It’s not quite as easy as just pressing a “share” button but it’s still not particularly difficult. Whether you’re using Lightroom’s mobile or desktop version, sharing your presets for your friends or as a product isn’t hard.

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Lightroom Mobile

To share Lightroom presets from the mobile app, start by applying your editing settings to your image. Then press the share icon. Select “Export As” and select the DNG file type. You’ll then need to select a sharing method. Sharing to social media isn’t going to do much for you, so it will be best to export to a cloud storage service like Dropbox instead. This will let you easily create a shareable link you can send to your friends so they can use the preset too. They can simply download the preset on their device and apply it as they like.

Lightroom Desktop

You can utilize mobile presets on Lightroom desktop in the same way, you’ll just download the DNG file to your computer. From Lightroom desktop click on the three-dot icon in the Presets panel, click on Import Presets, then choose the preset you downloaded. You can also use Adobe Creative Cloud to sync the preset across desktop and mobile. Just make sure that syncing is enabled by tapping the cloud symbol on the mobile app.

export menu on lightroom preset
Exporting a saved preset

Exporting is super simple as well. First, you need to save your preset from the presets panel. Click on the plus sign labeled Create Preset. Save it using whichever name or folder you want. Then right-click on the preset in Lightroom and click on Export. This will let you save it as an XMP file that contains all of the preset data. Then you can easily share this small file through whatever platform you prefer, including email, and your friends or customers can import it into Lightroom on their computers. It’s super easy to share Lightroom presets!

If you want some inspiration for your own presets, check out our massive library of Lightroom presets!

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