12 Time Saving IFTTT Recipes for Photographers

IFTTT Recipes for Photographers

Managing your photography can be time consuming. As you probably already know, helping automate parts of the photo editing process is what we do best. What if you could automate other parts of the process? Things like: keeping track of all your work, organizing everything, and uploading photos on various platforms.

With IFTTT, you can. If you’re not familiar with IFTTT, here’s a brief description. IFTTT (If this then that) is an online tool that will enable you to connect to services and automate the sharing of information, notifications or processes which are useful in everyday online life. Basically, you can put the internet to work for you, and save some time.

In this post, we collected the top 12 time saving IFTTT recipes for photographers.

1. Post your Instagram photos to Twitter as a picture.

post instagram to twitter

Use this handy recipe to share your Instagram photos natively on Twitter. No more boring links with captions, now you see the actual image!

2. Upload new Instagram photos to Flickr.

Post Instagram photos to Flickr IFTTT

In similar fashion, you can use this IFTTT recipe to upload new Instagram photos on your Flickr account. Great for building out your portfolio on multiple platforms.

3. Upload any new photo from Instagram to a Facebook Fan Page Album.

Upload photos from Instagram to Facebook Fan Pages with IFTTT

Managing a Facebook fan page? Use this cool recipe to upload any photos from Instagram to an album on that page.

4. Save all your Instagram photos to Dropbox.

Save Instagram Photos to Dropbox with IFTTT

This recipe will automatically save your Instagram photos to your dropbox account. Huge time saver when trying to manage all those photos you shared.

5. Save all of your Tumblr photos to Dropbox.

Save Tumblr photos to Dropbox IFTTT

Use this recipe to save any of your Tumblr uploads to a Dropbox folder.

6. Save new iOS photos to Google Drive.

Save iOS Photos to Google Drive with IFTTT

Easily manage your mobile photography with this recipe. It will automatically save your new iOS photos to the Google Drive account of your choice.

 7. Upload all iOS photos to Flickr.

IFTTT Recipes for Photographers

Have a ton of photos on your phone that you’ve been meaning to share on Flickr? Use this recipe to quickly upload all of those photos to your Flickr account.

8. Save iOS screenshots to a separate album.

IFTTT Recipe to save screenshots to different album on iOS.

This recipe automatically filters your screenshots to a unique album. Great for collecting inspiration and organizing your photos on iOS devices.

9. Receive a notification whenever a specified Instagram user uploads a new pic.

IFTTT Notification from Instagram

Want to keep tabs on a few important photographers from Instagram? Use this recipe to get notifications every time they upload a new picture!

10. Create an Evernote with each new photo.


This is one of my favorite “Do” recipes from IFTTT. With it you can create a new note each time you take a photo. This will make it easy for you to organize your photography, remember key details, and keep track of the photos you take on a daily basis.

11. Upload photos to a Facebook Album.


This is another great “Do” recipe for all the Facebook users out there. This will automate the upload process and send your photos directly to an album on Facebook.

12. Post photos or screenshots to Slack.


If you find yourself frequently sending screenshots and photos with a client via Slack, this is a great recipe to use. It will automate the process and save you a ton of time.

This is just a small list of the best recipes IFTTT has to offer. Find more IFTTT recipes for photographers here to automate simple processes throughout your day.

How do you save time as a photographer? Leave a comment with your favorite tricks/hacks!

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