Inspiring Illustrations by Artist Natalka Dmitrova

workspace final illustration natalka dmitrova

Natalka Dmitrova is a talented illustrator and designer from Ukraine. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and over 6 years of experience in illustration/design working with clients such as Martini, Kimberly-Clark, L’Oréal, Auchan, Kotex, and more.

Natalka specializes in creating custom illustrations for mobile apps, advertising, magazines, games, and packaging design. She has even created animated stickers and art for popular iPhone games!

Natalka mainly enjoys creating vector scientific and zoological illustrations for her shop. She loves to read books about art and use that knowledge to further her skillset. She is also happy to share her own knowledge and experience with others through tutorials and more on her design portfolio! In this article, we’d like to feature some of her colorful and imaginative illustrations to help inspire you.

donuts illustrations natalka dmitrova

ice cream illustration by Natalka Dmitrova




fruit rainbow natalka dmitrova

chocolate 8-bit illustration natalka dmitrova

Natalka’s Workflow

Natalka enjoys working from home in her office. While drawing, she likes listening to music and sometimes audiobooks. Natalka said, ‘For inspiration, I like reading books about art and illustration and also about creative thinking (I like books “Steal Like an Artist” and “Show Your Work!” by Austin Kleon). Also in my free time, I am drawing traditional arts (with pencils or watercolors), because sometimes you get tired of digital art.’

natalka dmitrova illustration process

Natalka Dmitrova illustration making of gif - kingfisher bird

work in progress illustration by natalka dmitrova

Natalka’s Favorite Illustrators

When I asked Natalka who her biggest inspirations were, she shared her top three favorite illustrators:

Natalka’s Design Shop

Natalka loves to share her illustrations, icons, and more in her design shop! You can find beautiful illustrations for your projects and support Natalka when you buy from her shop. Here are some of Natalka’s most popular products.

Set of 18 isometric icons

workspace isometric icons natalka dmitrova

Exotic Bird Collection 2

exotic birds illustrations by natalka dmitrova

Delicious Sweet Cake Set

natalka dmitrova cakes illustrations

workspace illustrations natalka dmitrova

water cycle diagram illustration natalka dmitrova

talavera pattern

movie night illustration

oh deer illustration natalka dmitrova

pug illustration

raccoon illustration

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