8 Interesting Photography Locations to Try Out

A quick look at 8 interesting photography locations to try out.

Finding interesting places to take pictures all the time can be quite a challenge. Of course, you have your go-to photography spots, but it’s always nice to have other locations to explore.

Whether you are traveling or just bored of your current photography locations, this post might help you out. Below we talk about eight interesting photography locations that you can find in many cities/towns throughout the world.

Have another suggestion? Leave a comment below so we can add it to the list of fun photography locations!

Historical Locations

In every city and country, you can find historical locations. Most of the time these places are heavily visited and famous. Like the Colosseum in Rome or Acropolis in Athens. At these locations you can take intriguing photos that have complex historical details and stories around them.

Sculpture Parks

Statues, sculptures, and even art make for great scenery when taking pictures. Go to a local museum, garden, or sculpture park and see what you can create. The intricate details of the artwork are sure to add a lot to your photos and can help you create depth in your work.


Most cities in the world have a local park. Some larger than others. Parks are always fun to take pictures in. They are full of plants, trees, people, and life. Each local park has different, unique people with incredible stories. Take a trip to your local park and see what you can capture.


If you live near a city, skyscrapers are always worth capturing. You can make them the focus, or you can take a beautiful portrait with the skyline in the background. Either way, it’s bound to make some interesting photos. (Psst, if you’re into urban and street photography you might like City Tones Photoshop Actions.)

Abandoned and Forgotten Places

While there is a little more risk in going to abandoned or forgotten locations, these can sometimes provide the best scenes. Be careful and be sure to avoid breaking any trespassing laws though!

Industrial District

Complimentary to the cityscape is the industrial district. Here you can find all the factories, machinery, workers, and equipment that likely helps keep the city alive. This is sometimes tough to photograph, but give it a chance. There is so much detail and vibrance in this area and it is also photographed a lot less so you can get some really unique perspectives.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are a great place to take pictures. In fact, I’d say they are some of the greatest places to capture real, authentic emotion in people as they enjoy the rides. All of the beautiful lights and colors make for amazing backgrounds as well.

Urban Ruins

Urban ruins, similar to abandoned buildings, are really fun to explore and shoot. It’s quite exhilarating to shoot at them too. The ruins may be there for only a short while making the photos that much more valuable. Explore the ruins and abandoned locations near your home. You’ll be surprised by what you can find, even in your local area.

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4 Replies to “8 Interesting Photography Locations to Try Out”

  1. Jamaal Watson says:

    Turkish prisons are great, too.

    1. Mike says:

      Oh, sound’s like a fun place to explore! Thanks for the comment Jamaal.

    2. Geoff Naylor says:

      Great idea Jamaal :-)
      How about markets and parades or fairs, Justas? These aren’t usually ‘fixed’ scenes in that they often move around and are weekly or annual events. But great material for creative photography. Bus and train stations too.

      1. Mike says:

        Love the idea Geoff. I completely agree. Having special events and ceremonies can make for even cooler shots. Thanks for the comment!

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